How to end the immigration problem.

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Thread Topic: How to end the immigration problem.

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    Appayipyip42 Senior
    We're too focused on keeping immigrants out than on solving the problems that cause them to come here in the first place.

    Instead of sending military forces and occupying dangerous zones, let's send actual aid. Things the people can use, such as food, medicine, healthcare. Let's provide a place for them to go. The enemy may attack, but we can be prepared for such things. In any case, we should not launch a preemptive strike.

    In the case of countries like Mexico, we can do similar things. Let's help these people solve their problems.

    And most of all, let's support the working class. Instead of caring for our richest and our already well-off, let's focus on those who really need support. Let's give more power to the working class, the class which really keeps the world running, but doesn't run the world. Let's solve that problem. And when the people are supported above the government and by the government, when the working class is the ruling class, that is when our problems can really be solved.
  • quizmasters Novice
    Very true. There is also a part of world where one of the biggest immigration has happened. A large scale of people have migrated from Bangladesh(East Pakisthan) to India. And after 43 years of Independence a large amount of Hindu people of Bangladesh is still immigrated in India, day by day. I think Both the government should try to solve with positive intention.
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    The Geek Experienced
    So welfare like hell to poor and taxes to rich?

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