Can you guess the number that I'm thinking of?

Can you solve thee riddle I give? It be a riddle of numbers and a riddle of wits. Will you fall and say deffet or shall you triump over the riddle which may you see in the futer. Good luck and I bid you ado. Welcome to my mind game.

Eniglish translation: Can you solve my riddles? It's a riddle you solve by figuring out the numbers and you us your mind to do. Will you do well or will you have to try again? Good luck and good bye. Also welcome to the game of your mind.

Created by: Mihilo

  1. A number 1-6 it's not 5 and it's not 6.
  2. I'm thinking of a number between 7-12. It's not 7 but it's not 12.
  3. Can you think of the number thats in the middle. 1,2,4,7,3,9,5
  4. I've got a number that not 1 and it's not 100. It does begin with a 3 and its after 35 but before 39.
  5. Do you think of the number within. You will always have this number. Rember it lies with you your body.
  6. It has this many pages in this book that is the number I'm thinking of. The book is called "City of Bones"
  7. There are this many books in the Twilight serises.
  8. How many times that I've been in dismay and bored out of my mind.
  9. How many hearts one has.
  10. This makes it simple to live. Without it you would surly die. You have 1 but this isn't the number I'm thinking of. No no no, we only have 1 brain. But can you guess the number that I am thinking?

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Quiz topic: Can I guess the number that I'm thinking of?