Can I Guess What You're Thinking?

Have you seen or heard of the 20 question game? Well, that's what this is. It may seem impossible for me to win, but wait until you get your results to decide.

No cheating. No rethinking what you are thinking about, no twisting the questions or the answers. Otherwise, you're a cheater!!! Cheater cheater pumpkin eater... Not that that makes sense... I like pumpkin pie.

Created by: Cakelynn of Cakelynn's Ramblings
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  1. What is it?
  2. How often is what you're thinking about on your mind?
  3. Does this have a heart?
  4. Is it helpful in accomplishing tasks?
  5. Could you touch this?
  6. Does this think?
  7. Could you hold it?
  8. Does it provide entertainment?
  9. Does it turn on and off?
  10. Can it go online?

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