What disorder do you have?

Well there are some people out there that arn't smart or anything like that if you one of those then i guess you should take this test. This test will show you what disorder you got if you have one.......

Well there are some people out there that are smart. If your one of those then i guess you should'nt take this test. Because it would be pretty much pointless if you did because well ya i guesss your probly thinking you ever made this test is retarded.

Created by: Justin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you listen to your parents?
  2. Do you thrive on attention?
  3. Would you die if there was no food on the planet?
  4. Do you know what 1+1 is?
  5. Do you know what Anorexia is?
  6. Does anyone in your family have ADHD?
  7. Does ANYONE in your family have ADD
  8. Does anyone in you family have an eating disorder?
  9. Do you think retarded?
  10. Do you know what this test is about?

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Quiz topic: What disorder do I have?