Hogwarts: The Missing Riddle

Hello! MissingRiddle23 here. This is my first quiz, like, ever. Please be easy on me! You will probably not like this, but deal with it! The next few will be better! (Hopefully)

I have nothing to write here...so... I will tell you 2 truths and a lie. Guess witch one is a lie!!! 1. I enjoy archery 2. I am allergic to gluten 3. I went to four different elementary schools.

Created by: MissingRiddle23

  1. You sighed as you walked into the train station, trailing after Ms. Larkson, your guardian. "Ugh!" she complained,"It will take forever to find that platform! Merlin knows what kind of magic they use here!" You shook your head and laughed as she went ranting on. You stopped at a pillar between platform 10 and 9. You pushed your cart into it and part of it disapeared. You pulled it out and said,"I found it, Ms. Larkson."
  2. After you both ran through the magic barrier, you said good by, stiffening when Ms. Larkson wrapped her arms around you. "I'm sorry for making you move here, Em. I really am. I know you were happy ack home in New York, but it's better for you here. Promise to write me letters?" You felt something warm and wet fall onto your shoulder. You have never seen her cry before. You hugged that meek Ms.Larkson and promised. You waved goodbye and loaded your luggage onto the train. You felt a gust of wind blow through your rich, golden brown curls. The train whistle blew. You happed on and turned around to wave at Ms.Larkson again, but she was gone. You sighed and found an empty compartment. As you made your way through the train, you felt eyes staring through you. Holding your head down, you sat in the empty compartment.
  3. "Um, excuse me. May we sit with you." a girl's voice asked you looked up and saw a girls with poofy brown hair, a boy with green eyes and jet black hair, and a ginger headed boy. You smiled softly and nodded. They sat down and you felt the train jolt to a start. You blinked tears out of your eyes becausethe only person who ever cared about you left before you did. "Are you all right?" a boy's deep yet comforting voice asked. You felt a hand on your shoulder. You looked over and saw the boy with black hair looking at with concern. "I-I'll be all right. I... I just had a ruff summer."you sighed. He took his hand off your shoulder, startled by your accent. He recovered and smiled gently at you.
  4. You leaned back and smiled at him. You turned to face the all and said,"I'm Emerald. I pefer to be called Em, though." You smiled at them and they smiled back. "Um... what is your last name?" the girl asked. You smacked your forehead playfully and said,"I should have thought of that! My last name is Riddle. So that makes me Emerald Severous Riddle. Don't judge my middl name. I don't like it very much either," you added at the end when you saw their reactions. They scootched away from you. You slouched from sadness. They always went away when they heard your name. But you saked anyway,"What's wrong." "Your father is Lord Voldemort." the giger haired boy whisperedh
  5. You felt the blood drain from your face. "But... how?" you wimpered. You lifted your knees up and buried your face into your hands, silently crying. The black haired one must have saw you shaking because he scootched over and wrapped his arms around you. "Sshh. It's going to be all right." he whispered. You leaned your head into his shoulder and let out a sob. That's when the others joined in to comfort you. After a few minutes, you calmed down to a few sniffles now then, still snuggling close to him. "We should probably introduce ourselves." he said, hugging you closer. "I am Harry Potter" "I'm Ron Weasley." "and I'm Hermione Granger." You looked up at them and smiled weakly. "I don't know if I can take any more of that kind of information. I might shrivle up from the water loss." You heard them chuckle as you closed your eyes and rested your head on Harry's shoulder, breathing ragedly and saddly. You fell asleep. You dreamt of Harry abd Ron And Hermione being your best friends. You woke up still in Harry's arms but in you robes.
  6. He looked like he was asleep but his eyes opened the moment you moved. He smiled at you and said,"Did you have a nice nap?" You nodded and smiled peacefully. "You know that even though... he is your dad, we will always be your friends.You are nothing like him." He looked deep into your eyes honestly, and you smiled and said,"I know you will." "Oh! we are almost there, so a few minutes ago Hermione locked us out so she could get your robes on. You glanced at her sleeping form leaning against Ron, who was also asleep. You smiled and excused yourself to go to the bathroom. You kept your head down and avoided people on the way there. You washed your face, brushed your hair and teeth then took a small drink of water. You walked back and forgot to keep your head low. People stared at you but you didn't care because you were overjoyed by the fact you had some friends your age.
  7. You went back to the compartment and saw that Ron and Hermione were awake. Harry grabbd your hand and dragged you out again. "C'mon! You need to meet Hagrid." That's when you noticed that the train had stopped moving and was at a platform with a castle looming not to far behind it on a hill. You smiled and allowed him to lead you out of the train. You didn't care that people's eyes were following you. You only cared that your first friend was there with you. "Hagrid!" Harry called out to a large man. He turned and grinned down at Harry. "Harry! Nice to see you. An'... who is this pretty lady?" he asked. You looked up at him smiling and answered,"I'm Emerld. I prefer to be called Em." He looked down at you and smiled, not surprised by your accent. "You must be the transfer student from the United States! Anyhow, I'm Proffesor Hagrid, the teacher for the Care of Magical Creatures class." "Cool!" "Wait!" Harry intervened,"You're a proffesor now?" "Yeah, I am now. Em, when I'm not teachin', you can jus' call me Hagrid" You smiled and nodded. "Go along an' get your bags. Em, come back here when you get them. Harry, go to the carriges." You agreed andwent to get your trunk with Harry. Before you departed, Harry whispered into your ear,"Hope you get into the Griffindor house." You nodded and walked to Hagrid.
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