Which Harry Potter Girl Are You: A Hogwarts Story

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This quiz is told in a story - of your time at Hogwarts. Please say honest answers - after all, as Luna Lovegood would say, there is no point lying to yourself. Just try your best and be happy with the outcome.

Here is the scene: You are a muggle-born, and you have just arrived on Platform 9 and 3/4s. Your parents have said goodbye to you, and you are standing in front of the train. Just then, the conductor blows his whistle. You quickly scramble onto the train, lugging your trunk with you. With another whistle and a puff of smoke, the train is off. You are on your way to Hogwarts!

Created by: ginnyandluna
  1. You look around, but all the compartments have at least one person in them. Do you go and sit with:
  2. You enter the compartment, and smile shyly at the boy. You try and strike up conversation, and eventually you and him are chatting away, fast friends. What was the original topic?
  3. Yet before you know it, you and your new classmates are in the Great Hall, and your name is called out to be Sorted! The hat is placed on your head, but what house does he call out?
  4. You move into your new dormitory. There, sitting on the bed opposite you, is another girl. She smiles at you and asks if you can be friends. Eagerly, you say yes. But who is she?
  5. You spend the day chatting with your new friend (and the boy you met on the train), and you introduce the two, who become fast friends. You get through lessons together, have fun, and somehow the end of the year approaches, along with exams. Which test do you do best in?
  6. Soon, you're back at Hogwarts for your second year (this is where the fun really starts). It's the Sorting Feast, and you're super-hungry from the journey. What do you eat first?
  7. After you've all finished eating, Professor Dumbledore makes an amazing announcement - the Triwizard Tournament is being hosted by Hogwarts, and tonight the other two school are arriving! Everyone is abuzz with the news! But will you try to enter?
  8. Then a student points up at the sky. A powder-blue carriage is flying through the sky! And in the lake, a black ship is making for the shore! But which school do you prefer?
  9. In the end, you decide not to enter instead watching eagerly as the Goblet of Fire pronounces the next champions: Krum, Fleur, Cedric... and Harry!? What are you thinking when this happens?
  10. In your common room, you and your friends are talking. It's just been announced that even second-years may go to the Yule Ball! Who are you hoping will ask you?
  11. It's a matter of days, now, before the Yule Ball, and you are getting worried! No-one has asked to go with you! You are panicking, wondering what will happen if - Someone says your name, and you look up. It's _____! "Will you go to the Ball with me?" he asks. You accept. But who is _____? (PLEASE be truthful. Not who you want it to be, but who you think it will be).
  12. It's the day of the Yule Ball! Everyone is dressing up beautifully! What do you wear?
  13. At the Yule Ball, you dance away to your heart's content, with your partner. It's been one of the best days of your Hogwarts life! But has this quiz lived up to your standards? Pick an emoji:

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