The life between magic & boys

Well this is my first quiz, I had fun making it and now im working on the second one and so far it has some good ideas! If you have any ideas comment pls (:

I decided im going to make more quizzes after this one so I hope you like it! If you dont oh well sorry :/ Also if you have any ideas for the up coming quizzes comment pls! (:

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. One day you were walking home from school by yourself. You hear footsteps coming from behind you rapidly. Like any normal person you turn around to see who it is, but before you can turn around you get hit on the back of your head and knock out. you think:
  2. You start to regain conscious, you hear voices. You decide to pretend like your still knocked out. "Is she awake yet?" you hear a voice. "I dont know.." you hear another. "What do we do?" you hear the first guys voice. There both guys in the room. "How about let me leave!" You get up and attack one of the guys. "Woah! Calm down!" you feel somebody pull you away and sits you on the bed. "Why am i here?! What do you want" you yell. "We dont want to hurt you, just chill" You hear the boy w/ shaggy blond hair and shiny blue eyes say. "Ouch.. Yeah" Says the boy w/ shaggy black hair and green eyes. "We just want to help you." the blond boy says. "we'll be back in about an hour. The bathrooms over there, and you can put on whatever you like in the closet. We'll explain everything lter. See you in an hour." They both walk out. You think:
  3. At first you try to escape, But theres just NO way out. So you decide to go take a shower. You get out and go check the closet. You wear:
  4. You get ready, change, and brush your teeth. Then you hear somebody knock at the door. "you ready?" somebody asks. "Yeah." "Alright meet you downstairs." He unlocks the door and leaves. You finished getting ready and try and find your way to the kitchen. 'WOW!' you think to yourself. "This place is HUGE!" Its a big mansion. Its like your dream home. You finally find the kitchen and walk in. "Holy sh-t!" "HOT!" "Smoking!" you hear all boys say. "uh.." you just laugh. "Uhm- Uh-" the guy w/ blond hair says. "You can sit down." The boy w/ black hair points to a chair. You sit down, then they do. "Now can you tell me what the hell this is all about?!" You say. "Fiesty." Blondie says and winks at you. "Im Josh." The guy w/ black hairs says "Thats Alex" He points to the blond boy. "and thats Max" He points to a guy w/ shaggy brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. "Hey" He smiles at you. You think:
  5. "Nice to meet you guys. Im _____." "____? Thats a pretty name." Alex says and winks at you.. Again. "Right... so why am I hear again?" You ask. "Well uh- we kind of need your help.." Max says. "With what exactly?" You ask. "Well we think your the chosen one." Alex says. "HAHAHA! Right. So why am I here?" You ask.. again. "No.. Seriously.. You do.. and so do we." Max says. "OK, Prove it." you give them a look. "Alright." Alex smiles. You see Alex disappear. "Uh- Where'd he go?" "right behind you!" He jumps at you. You scream. "I can teleport and walk throught walls." He says. "Yeah i can read minds and move things w/ my mind." Max says. "Yup. and i have super strength and can fly." Josh finished. You think:
  6. "Woah.." you say. "yeah, so now do you believe us?" Max asks. "Uhm yeah!" you reply. "Well like we said before were not here to hurt you, were here to protect you from erika." max says. "Who's erika." you ask. "She's this evil person who likes to take other peoples power and since your the chosen one who has the strongest powers ever, shes coming after you.." Alex says. "Greaaattt." You reply. "Dont worry you'll get use to us." Josh says. "Hope so, you guys seem kind of weird.." They all look at you. "Im kidding jeez!" You all laugh. When you guys are done eating you head upstairs and get ready to go to sleep. You had a pretty long day and you head still hurts.
  7. You wake up and look at the clock, Its 9:45. You cant go back to sleep so you decide to go downstairs and see whats there to eat. You see Alex down there. "Good morning." He says and smiles at you. "Hi.." You smile. "How'd ya sleep for you first night?" He asks. "Pretty good, it was kind of cold tho, But i'll get use to it." you laugh. "Maybe i could change the cold part." He winks at you. "You wish." You tease him. "So what do you have to eat?" "Well pretty much anything, There pancakes and cereal up there, waffles and pizza in the freezer, and eggs, chesse, etc, in the fridge." He laughs. "Thanks" you smile and go for the waffles. "Hey." You see Max walk into the kitchen. "Good morning." "Hi" you and Alex say. "hmphrr" you hear something grumble then you see josh walk in. "Haha hey." "Huh? -oh hey" He rubs his eyes and smiles at you. You guys all sit down and eat.
  8. You guys sit there eating, then you hear alex start laughing. "Whats so funny.?" You ask. Then Max and Josh join Alex. "Once again.. Whats so funny?" "Nothing its just-" Max continues laughing. "Its just what?!" You say. "I was just thinking of how josh failed at trying to get you." Josh stops laughing. "Oh yeah and what about when you were talking to her for like an hour and then realized she was asleep?" Josh busted out laughing. "Hey i didnt know." Alex said. You start laughing. "You guys are so weird." You all laugh. "So ____, You ready for trainng." Max asks.
  9. "Training?" You ask. "Yeah were gunna find out what your powers are." Alex said taking a big bite of waffles. "What exactly am i gunna do?" "Well Alex is going to teach you how to turn invisible, and how to use weapons, Josh is going to teach you self defense, and im going to teach you how to read minds." Max says
  10. "Sweet, when do i start?" "We'll start in an hour" Josh says and smiles at you "Just go get ready and we'll tell you when all the equipment is set up." You finish your food and go upstairs. You changed into your type of work out clothes. what are you thinking?:
  11. Well thats the end of the first quiz! Im working on the second one it was some moments! If you have any ideas or think if i should keep writing more quizzes to this one Comment or rate pls (:

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