Unspoken Pt. 1

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After moving to a new state after the death of Cecille, Evelyn see's a little girl - but what is she doing? Waiting for death? Is she ready? Does she want this? But no one seems to see her but Evelyn.

Is she going crazy herself? Or just missing Cecille? Maybe it's a faint memory of her past, coming back to haunt her? Yet it seems so real. You can only wonder...

Created by: LemonLime
  1. I graspped my last pair of jeans from the box and placed it in the bureau. "Evelyn, are you finished unpacking?" My mother yelled from the kitchen. "Yes," I sighed. Have you ever felt like you were being punished for doing absolutely nothing? Like you were being desciplined for be a living, breathing creature? Well that's how I felt right about then. What had I done so horribly wrong that gave my mother the desire to move here? The only choice I had at that time was to accept the fact that I was just a horrible person.
  2. I groaned and pushed myself up from the side of the bed. I made it to the kitchen and soon found myself digging through boxes and placing cups into the cabinets. "Remind me again why we moved here," I mumbled. "To start a new life, Evelyn," my mother replied. "But-" "Evelyn, don't give your mother a hard time." My father pronounced. I rolled my eyes and continued loading the cabinets. My life officialy began to suck ever since we decided to take the eleven hour drive from out hometown in Tennessee to here in hell Charleston, South Carolnia.
  3. "Honey, I need you to clean the windows," My mother said, tossing me the bottle of window cleaner and a sponge. I got up and wobbled to the nearest window. "Maybe we should invest in a some new curtains," I suggested, pulling the ripped, dirty curtains out of the way. "And some blinds, considering there is none." Just as I was about to wipe, I saw a little girl, I'd say about 9 or 10, standing in the middle of the road. I finished scrubbing the glass, "I'll be right back," I announced. I dropped my sponge in the bucket and ran outside.
  4. I stood on the wooden porch and watched the little girl as a car turned just around the corner. "Hey! Hey get out of the road!" I shouted. She must hadn't heard me. "Hey, you! There's a car coming, get out of the road!" She didn't seem to move, she was just standing there like a statue. She must be deaf... I thought to myself. I decided to run out to the road, what else was I going to do? Stand there and witness the death of an innocent child?
  5. I ran to where she stood and pushed her into the grass linning the road and tumbled next to her. I got up and helped her to her feet. I stared at her, "You ok?" I asked. "You didn't have to do that," She mumbled under her breath. "The was a car-" I started, "Evelyn, can you come finsih the windows?" My mother yelled, standing at the front door. I looked back at her, "Hold on!" I turned my head back. She wasn't there. I looked around, but I couldn't see her. "Hey!" I turned in circles. It's like she had...disappeared...
  6. "Evelyn!" I paced back to the house. "Where'd she go?" I asked my mom. "Where'd who go?" "The little girl, where is she?" "What are you talking about?" I rolled my eyes and stormed past her, into my bedroom.
  7. I sat on the side of my bed and glanced at myself in the mirror. What was I thinking, you might ask? I was thinking I saved an adorable little girl's life! Yet my mind was a bit twisted - why didn't she want me to push her out of the road? "Evelyn, come finish the window!" My mother yelled. I headed back into the kitchen, and moved along to the next window. I stared at the window substance drip down the glass like icky, slimy goo. "You didn't see where she ran?" I muttered. "Who?" My mother declared. I sighed, "Nevermind."
  8. "Anything you want from the store?" My dad asked, throwing on his sweater. "A soda, please." I asked. "And you?" My father smiled at my mom. "Nothing, babe." He gave her a gentle kissed and walked out the door.
  9. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, when I noticed the livingroom's overhead light on. I walked in there but when I saw my mom and dad whispering, I backed up and hid behind the wall. "...did you see Evelyn earlier?" My mother uttered. "No," my father uttered. "She ran outside and rolled in the grass..." "Maybe she wants to be a ninja!" "Stephen." Sorry," "And - she asked me where she was." "Who?" "The little girl," "What little girl?" "There was no little girl, that's the thing!"
  10. "Maybe she's missing Cecille. I mean, she loves and cares about her. She got paranoid and wanted to go back and push Cecille out of the street before the car - you know. She always kept saying it was her fault Cecille died. She's just, going through a phaze..."
  11. I wasn't even thinking about Cecille, this little girl didn't even look like her! But now that my dad has mentioned her, I miss her even more. I walked back to my bed and covered myself with the sheets. I thought about what he had said though. Maybe I was paranoid. Maybe I did want to save Cecille.

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