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  • Thank you all, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will most definitely continue with the story, I hope you guys will continue to read it.

    Please, excuse my writing mistakes.

    In paragraph 4 it says "South Carolnia" Supposed to say "South Carolina"

    In paragraph 7 it says "the was a car" Supposed to say "there was a car" and "...finsih the windows?" Supposed to say "...finish the windows?"

    In paragraph 10 it says "he gave her a gentle kissed" Supposed to say "he gave her a gentle kiss"

    Much love, LL

  • I got 87%, this is really, really good! It's so interesting too :D

  • I got 92% I like this story. Please continue to write, as I will continue to read! :)

    Pepper Face
  • This is cool. =) I like it.

  • i got 33% though yeah i like the story.. make more parts please! :D


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