Unspoken Pt. 2

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Evelyn tells the story of the death of her little sister, Cecille. But now that she thinks about it, is it true? Can it be true? What her father had said earlier that night, it haunts her. Faint questions swim around in her mind, only they are not to be answered.

But faint questions aren't the only things she hears, but faint voices calling her name. What is going on? No one knows. Some type of illusion? Maybe. Be careful what you think about, and even more careful about what you say... Shhhh...

Created by: LemonLime
  1. I'm sure you're probably wondering about Cecille, so let me fill you in.
  2. It was her eleventh birthday, a late Friday evening. There was this frozen yogurt shop down the street, but, mom would never take her. As a kind sister, I wanted to buy her a bucket of her favorite flavor - whatever that was. We were crossing the road, and when I reached the other side of the road, I remember asking her what flavor she wanted. She didn't answer. And when I looked back - she was tying her shoe. And there was this car, drunk drivers. It was too late. Blood splattered across the window shield and stained grass yards away. And her scream...
  3. Red, white and blue shone in the sky and the sirens gave me a headache. They found me sitting in front of a tree, crying. I had blood on my hands from when I went to touch her, to see if she was ok. She wasn't.
  4. My mother ran into the scene, my father was on a business trip. "Is she going to be ok, officer?" "Not a chance..."
  5. I remember it like it was yesterday. How could I forget? It will haunt me for life. It should have been me. My blood should have been seeking into the ground. My body should be six feet under, not her. She had so much to live for.
  6. I can't live in the past anymore. Daddy says people are born, they live, grown old, then they die. He will die. Mom will die. I will die. Whether we die of old age, or die of a car crash. We die. Faith decides who we live as, and how we die.
  7. I hear voices everywhere. Evelyn... Evelyn... I pinch my wrist, "Wake up," I whisper. Evelyn, save me... It murmurs. "NO!" I screech. I wake up panting for breath, sweat dripping from my face. My mother come running into the room. "Are you ok?" She asks, worried. I stare at her. "Can you sleep with me tonight?" I utter. "Sure, sweetie." She crawls into the bed besides me as I move over.
  8. Evelyn... It's faint voice whispers from down the long, dark hallway. I get out of bed and closed the door tight, then return to bed.
  9. I remember what my father had said earlier that night. But is it true? Can it be true? If it was Cecille, the little girl I saw, why didn't she want me to save her? Cecille didn't want to die. She was afraid of death. But the resembalance of this little girl and Cecille, it was familiar.
  10. Shhhh... It says faintly. My eyes slowly begin to close. Good night... It giggles.

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