Revenge- Part 2

Hey!! Welcome to part 2 of Revenge!! I hope you guys will like part 2!! I promise it will get better!! Sorry I didn't get this part out earlier, but next part (I hope) will be out earlier!!

The reason I didn't get it out earlier was because my sister graduated from high school and there was prom that I had to go to which was really fun! So ya!! Enjoy!!

Created by: Miss Direction
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  1. Hiya! Welcome to part 2 of my story Revenge!!! I hope you all remember where we left off..... Dani and her friends try to escape. But will the make it? Find out now!!!!!Hope you like it! Enjoy!
  2. All of a sudden I feel someone grab me from behind. I turn around hoping to stop whoever it is, but nobody is behind me. Yeah, of course, there is screaming kids everywhere-most using their powers- but nobody is trying to grab me. "Come on Dani!!! LETS GO!!!!" shouts Hanna. I try to continue my running to the exit, but I can't. I can't move. It's like somebody is blocking me in front and somebody pulling my from the back. But I know nobody's there. I can't hear anyone now. My vision starts to become unclear. However, I still can see Hanna telling me to come forward. Next thing I know I'm on the floor in a deep sleep.
  3. *A Few Hours Later*
  4. I wake up in an unknown place. It looks like a house- no scratch that- a mansion!!! I get up and it looks like I'm in the living room. The room has bright orange-red couches and an enormous flat screen TV. That is all I can see right now because the room is dark. All the windows are covered, but I suppose it's the middle of the night. I reach into my brand new Louis Vuitton 'Speedy' (the type of purse) purse and look for my cell phone. After a few minutes of searching through the giant purse, I realize I can't find it.
  5. I think to myself, "Wow. These people are good. First they kidnapped me, then they put here and take my phone away?! Great just great...." "I see you've waken up and cannot find your cell phone," says a unfamiliar voice. I turn around to see a guy my age- I'm guessing him might be the leader- he has blond hair and bright blue eyes. He is very muscular and I can tell he isn't afraid of a challenge. "So" the guy continues, "This is-" "Why am I here?!" I cut him off trying to get to the point knowing he is about to give me a life story. "Whoa there! I'll-" "No! Answer my question!" I cut him off again getting a bit annoyed but I know I have to stay strong. All of a sudden a bunch of guys dressed in black come out. I'm guessing they did the dirty work for this guy but- WHOA! IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS?!
  6. It's Jake! I knew he had something to do with this! Feeling SUCH an erg to go over there and slap him in the face, I have hold myself back. "Gavin!!!!!" Shouts the guy. Another guy comes in the room. He has light brown hair with blue eyes. He also seems muscular but the blond looks more muscular. I think to myself, "Wow. It's just like me and Savannah, one blond the other brunette but same personalties." I look at all the guys standing in front of me and realize something I hadn't realize before. THEY ALL HAVE BLUE EYES!!! ALL OF THEM!! Whoa-creepy.
  7. The blond guy whispers to one of the guys dressed in black. I have no idea what they are saying. The guy nods and starts picking up the people around me. For the first time since I woke up in this place, I realize that my friends and a bunch of other kids are there with me. "Whoaaaa. Why are they taking my friends away?!" The blond one is about to answer but the other guy, known as Gavin, stops him. They took my friends away into another room upstairs. I just hope they will be fine. "Okay you kidnapped me and like half the school, then you take my phone, and drag my friends away! Spill," I say really annoyed with them.
  8. "I'm Landon and that's Gavin. There are others but they're-" "Out" Gavin cuts off Landon. I just roll my eyes knowing this is going to turn into a life story when I just want them to get to the point already. "Anyway, we are all from the Supernatural World too. When we were about 6 years-old, our parents were murdered. We have been running away our entire life. When we were about 10, we met Amir and Connor, the other guys. After about a month since we met them, their parents and families were murdered, too. We all knew it was because of us, but they didn't blame us. They our run with us." Landon continues to tell the story. "There was a point where we were sent to a foster home and that's where we met Hayden. Together we escaped." "Wait. Who murdered your families? Was it the same person?" I ask but soon realize what I said and didn't mean it.
  9. "Actually, it's a group that murdered our families, and they are-" "No we can't tell her! She's not ready." Once again Gavin cuts off Landon. They turn around with their backs facing me, and arguing whether or not to tell me but making sure that I can't hear them. After about 2 minutes, I get annoyed and shout, "Why can't I know?! I'm not a 5 year-old girl any more!! I can handle it!" Landon signs and looks down at his feet and says, "It's not that...It's just really complicated right now but one day you will know." Even though I burly knew him, I felt like that wasn't him saying that. He looked sad and regretful. I could tell that he is burly sad or angry, and telling me that sad story of their past and still have a happy tone, something's wrong.
  10. Trying to change that subject, I ask "So where are we?" Gavin replies "Our house." "More like a mansion! But how do you have the money to afford this ginormous house/mansion?" I state. "When our parents passed, we were suppose to be in poisson of Principle Laura and she agreed but when she found out what happened to them, she disagreed and let us go." Gavin continues to explain the story while Landon is still upset and not speaking. "When you say 'poisson' what do you mean exactly?" I ask still confused. "She was suppose to take care of us, basically being our guardian, She and our parents agreed that she would take us in and make sure that we get accepted into her school but we would still have to pay. When we applied to the school she didn't accept us. That's when we put the pieces together and figured out that she didn't want us so we took all of our money and put it together and... well you can tell how it turned out." He explains. "So how long have you guys been here?" I ask trying to make conversation. "2 years," he says. "So you have been running away but you have a a neighborhood...where there's people...lots of them..." I say slowly. "No. We have a mansion in the middle of nowhere." He says to me like I'm stupid.
  11. "So why are you telling me all of this?" I ask one of the main questions. He pauses and looks at me, "I think that's enough for today." "No! Please, just answer these questions," I beg him. "Fine but we have to wait until the other guys are here," he agrees. "YES!!!! IT WORKED!!!" I say in my head. Gavin, for the first time, gives me a smile. I can't help but blush. "You can go upstairs to your friends," he says. I completely forgot about them!! He nods toward one of the guys in black to take me upstairs. I follow the guy and he leads me to the room with the other teens. The room looks like a bedroom, a pretty bright room. I think Landon decorated the entire house because everything's bright and happy just like his personality. "Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Dani!! Your alive!!!" Exclaims Britney. "Why wouldn't I be?" "Well duh!! They kidnapped us and then put us in this room and left you with them so we thought that you they might try to kill or hurt you," Britney says like its so obvious. "Ok well we're glad your ok. So what did they want from you? Did you see that Jake is one of them? Paige called it," Savannah says. "Gosh this is like freaking Men In Black times 1,000" Savannah comments and we all laugh especially because she hasn't even seen the movie. "They were-" I start but fail to continue because Jake stops me, "Whoa! Anything that was said down there can't be told to anyone else. There is a reason that they were taken up here!" Gosh I feel like punching him so hard right now! He is really getting on my nerves! "How bout you leave, like now?" I say annoyed. "Sorry, can't do that," he replies. "Oh I think you can," I say back to him. "Why don't you want me here?" he asks. How awkward! "Oh well I don't know?! Maybe it's because you lied to us!! You kidnapped us!!" I yell at him the obvious. "I know and I'm sorry. I did it for a good reason," he says more quietly than I did. "Oh so what's your 'good reason' for kidnapping us?!?!" I shout getting really really annoyed. "I can't say," he says. "You and everyone else," I respond.
  12. "Hey it's not my fault! They will tell you, you just have to wait until Amir, Connor and Hayden are back then they will tell you." Jake says. "How do you know about that?!?! You weren't down there with us!" I say remembering that he wasn't down there with us. Jake just walks back to his part of the room where he is suppose to stay there and watch us and ignore my question. "Fine I want to talk to Gavin," I say getting an idea. Everyone turns to look at me. "Dani, what are you doing?" Savannah asks. "Just trust me, I got this," I whisper to her. "Is 'Gavin' the guy who are charge??" She asks me. "Yeah, they're pretty cool," I reassure her. She doesn't ask more questions. Jake says, "Are you sure about that? They're not going to be happy about that." He warns me. "No, he won't be happy with YOU and the rest of the Men In Black crew," I correct him, All of my friends 'oooooo'. "If you don't go get him, then I will," I say confidently. Jake snorts, "I doubt you'll find your way to them." "We'll see bout that," I say and sprint out of there. A bunch of guys dressed in black follow me out. I pull off my 5 inch heels and throw it at them. SCORE!!! They hit one of them!!! I just keep running forward, I have no idea where I'm going but I just keep running. I take a few turns here and there and finally I find an elevator! Yeah!! I push the button and look behind me and see that they're coming. The doors open and I press a random button and the doors close in their faces! Thank gosh!! I made it!! I look at the button that I pushed and it read 'C2'. I just shrug, I guess I'll just have to wait and see where this leads too. The doors open and OMG! My jaw drops!
  13. That's all for now! Thanks for taking part 2!! Hope you liked it!! Bye!

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