Do you know the Gray Wolves Series?

Not many people have read 'The Grey Wolves Series' but I have say they are a really good choice of books. They don't have bad stuff in them and I, as I said, LOVE these books. Well, maybe i didn't say that but still I LOVE them.

Do you think you can get a good score on this quiz? Well, maybe but i think not...only kidding! :) This is on Prince of wolves despite what the title says and I am going to do one for all the books. My next one going to be called The Grey Wolves Series Part 2 will be out on December 5th by the latest. Please rate... thank you. ;)

Created by: Charliebear

  1. The following questions will be on Prince of Wolves. Is this ok?
  2. Who is Jacques mother?
  3. How does Jacque react when meeting Fane?
  4. Who does Jacque confirm the voice is?
  5. What does Fane do when he sees the markings on Jacque's back?
  6. When Jacque realizes the markings on her back what does she do?
  7. Who does fane meet at the dealership?
  8. What does Fane suspect about Lilly?
  9. Who do Jacque's BFs make her sit by?
  10. What does Fane ask of Jacque?
  11. Im going to skip ahead like 100 pages for this and preceding(following) questions. What happens while they are on their date?
  12. What does her mom tell her when she gets back?
  13. What else does she say? Pick the most accurate answer.
  14. What happens when they get to the subject 'Blood Rites'?
  15. Micul incediu means what?
  16. Who challenged Fane to a bonding ceremony?
  17. What does Fane's challenger do to jacque?
  18. Why does Jacquelyn scream while she's getting down from the roof?
  19. Who gets in Jacque's face while she is sleeping? This is after Fane's parents have arrived and are talking with Fane.
  20. Where do they decide to have the Fight/Challenge?
  21. Hang in there two more questions. Who wins the challenge?
  22. How does Jacque react when Fane comes to her room to tell her he's not dead?
  23. Who probably put the bruise on Jacquelyn's stomach?
  24. Please come back and do my Blood rites quiz which will be called "Do you know the Grey Wolves Series part 2" between Nov. 1st-15th.

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Gray Wolves Series?