how much knowledge do you have about wolves

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Wolves are wonderful animals and are the largest in the dog family! This quiz will test your knowledge on these beautiful big dogs also known as wolves! I really hope you have fun! AWOOO!

Do you think your wolf-crazy like me or amazed by wolves then this quiz is for you! Take it and find out!!!!! It's a fun quiz really it is!! have fun like me when i took it!!!

Created by: Alpha she-wolf

  1. Right then an easy question to start of! What are the ranks? ( highest to lowest ) ( include pups and juviniles )
  2. What is a pack?
  3. Why do wolves howl?
  4. When is the wolves mating season?
  5. When do wolves usually leave there pack and be a lone wolf?
  6. Where do the Alpha Females give birth to their pups?
  7. What do Males fight over?
  8. Easy question (you should all get this right) What's a wolf's favourite food?!
  9. How many teeth do wolves have?
  10. How many MORE teeth do wolves have than humans? ( this will help is you watch Alpha and Omega special features wolves in the wild or you know how many teeth adults have then count to the number of how many teeth wolves have you'll get it and also if you clicked on the right answer before this one count to there ok?) ( long breath )
  11. Why do wolves hunt in packs?
  12. Last Question! How long can wolves live without eating anything? (and can you comment and rate please? and by the way it effects your score because it's a one answer is only correct quiz!) ( i kinda gave it away there! HA HE)

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Quiz topic: How much knowledge do I have about wolves