the sonic trivia quiz

this is a sonic quiz that focuses on a number of sonic games. mostly the classic ones. questions here will span a range of topics. TV shows are left out of this one.

are you sonics biggest fan? well now is your chance to prove it with this quiz. this quiz will test you on your gaming trivia mostly on classics but some modern games also.

Created by: dazzy
  1. what year was sonic first released?
  2. what is the name of sonic`s best friend and sidekick?
  3. what was the first true 3-D sonic game?
  4. what gameplay ability was added in sonic 2?
  5. what was the first game to feature super sonic?
  6. what is the last boss of sonic 3 called?
  7. how many levels are there in sonic 2?
  8. in sonic colours what were the aliens called?
  9. who made his first apperance in sonic 06?
  10. in sonic 06 who was silvers partner?
  11. in sonic heroes who was the true final boss?
  12. in what game did amy make her first apperance?
  13. which game gave amy her now iconic look?
  14. what were the hover boards called in sonic riders
  15. what date was sonic 2 released for the megadrive/genesis?
  16. who did amy play in sonic and the black knight?
  17. what story is sonic and the black knight based on?
  18. what is the third level of sonic 3?
  19. what is the last level of sonic 3?
  20. where does the death egg crash after the events of sonic 3?
  21. what is the true last level of sonic and knuckles?
  22. what did sonic 3 introduce?
  23. which of these did NOT appear in sonic R?
  24. who is in charge of guarding the chaos emeralds and master emerald?
  25. where does sonic adventure take place?

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