What sonic character are you

I know any sonic fan wonders who they are in life but in a zonic format not a highschool stereotype but in a sonic related say while here it is you can find out what sonic character you are!!!!

You might think you know who you are but this will help you quite alot now so you can find yourself as a sonic character by doing this simple quiz i hope you like.

Created by: Epixsonixfanz

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you avoid swearing as much as possible
  2. Does pain slow you down
  3. When your friends are in trouble do you help them
  4. Do you care to have friends
  5. Do you like to feel the wind
  6. What character do you think is cutest
  7. Do you want to be friends with sonic
  8. Do you like cream
  9. Do you like blaze
  10. Do you like rouge
  11. Do you like tikal
  12. Do you like amy
  13. Do you like tails
  14. Do you like shadow
  15. Do you like silver
  16. Do you like knuckles
  17. Do you like sonic
  18. Do you like to run
  19. What is your gender 1 more time
  20. Do you like to but expensive jewlery often?
  21. What character is cuter
  22. Are you often friendly
  23. Do you want to be the best

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Quiz topic: What sonic character am I