Which Sonic Character are you?

This quiz is to test you on which sonic character are you? You could get a chance of being sonic Amy shadow and so on... So give it a try I know you will be pleased with the result!

Who do you think you might be without taking the quiz? Guess first then take the quiz and see if the results match! I think I migt be Amy!!! I have that little feeling!

Created by: Hannah

  1. If you saw Sonic what would you do?
  2. Do you think Blaze and Silver would make a cute couple?
  3. Would you like to be a part of a Sonic film or episode?
  4. Who is your favorite Sonic character?
  5. Are you as brave as Sonic?
  6. Are you an evil genius like Dr Eggman?
  7. Can you do a back flip?
  8. Do yo prefer Amy or Blaze?
  9. Which Sonic is better?
  10. What is your wish?

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Quiz topic: Which Sonic Character am I?