The Ultimate Sonic Quiz

Okay, first of all, I'm tired of Sonic fans making stupid quizzes about what they THINK thay know. Yes, I'll admit I've seen some high-quality ones, but not many. Yes. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG.

I am a big fan, and I've created this quiz to see how many questions you can answer about Sonic the Hedgehog. So have fun, enjoy, and yadda, yadda, yadda. P.S. Don't mind the first 2 questions.

Created by: supersonicking
  1. What color is Sonic's fur?
  2. What is the name of Knuckles' home?
  3. Sally Acorn is the _______ of Acorn Kingdom.
  4. Who of the following that is not a member of the Chaotix?
  5. Who invented the Power Rings?
  6. Erazor Jinn is the evil guardian of the _____________.
  7. When greatly angered, Sonic can become what?
  8. Who is the chosen one?
  9. Ixus Nagus is the evil wizard of the Void.
  10. Who was the leader of the King's Secret Service?
  11. What is Sonic's Middle name?
  12. Sonic is the only one who can use power Rings.
  13. Sonic was born in __________.
  14. Tail's bi-plane is called:
  15. One of Dr. Eggman's ships was called the Death _________.

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