What would Miles Tails Prower think of you

Are you a Tails the fox fan?! Have you ever wondered how he felt about you?! He has expectations for people to meet for him to trust them. He trusts Sonic. Will you be like Sonic or does he not trust you?! Find out by taking this quiz!!

Do you think that Tails the fox trusts you the way he trusts Sonic the hedgehog?! Do you think you have what it takes to meet Tails' friendship standards?! Does he love you or hate you?! find out by taking this quiz!!

Created by: Sydney Bench
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  1. The newest addition of your favorite book just came out!! What's it about?!
  2. Someone is harming your Boyfriend/Girlfriend!!What do you do?!
  3. HOLY COW!! Your Grandma gives you $50!! what do you do?!
  4. Whats your IQ?!
  5. You really want to try out for basketball but your afraid you won't make the cut. What do you do?!
  6. OH NO!! A loved one dies!! What do you do?!
  7. Snow day!! What do you do?!
  8. Who's your rival?!
  9. Your friends are smoking!! What do you do?!
  10. What's your favorite Video Game?!
  11. What's 100 divided by 2?!

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