How well do you know Sara The Hedgehog?

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Sara The Hedgehog is my Sonic OC!! I was inspired with Sonic, Shadow and Amy to create this character. She looks like a nice girl, but in her heart she hides a lot of secrets you'll find out today!

Do you think you know Sara The Hedgehog? Do this quiz to find out! Be careful, Sara hides a lot of tricks, and she's not as sweet as she looks like UwU.

Created by: Sara The Hedgehog

  1. What's Sara's age?
  2. Who are the Sonic characters Sara has crushed on?
  3. One of the main Sonic characters is Sara's old brother. Her brother is 15 years old
  4. Who's Sara's BFF?
  5. Sara and her brother lived together since they were born, but chaos control seperated them from their parents and from each other when Sara was
  6. After the chaos contro catastrophic act, a Sonic character found Sara and toom care of her. Then this mobian became Sara's best friend. Who's this mobian?
  7. Sara firstly fell in love with:
  8. Sara fell in love with another hedgehog and left the other one behind. Who's this mobian?
  9. Sara the fell in love again with her first love once again. The ship between these mobians is:
  10. Sara was bein' hunted by:
  11. Sara joined:
  12. Sara and her brother found each other because of chaos control. What was Sara's age when she found her lost brother?
  13. Did Sara die?
  14. If Amy has a hammer, what's Sara's weapon?
  15. Sonic has an anti version, and his name is Scourge. Sara has also an anti version, what's the anti's name?
  16. What's Sara's favorite food?
  17. Sara's favorite color?
  18. Originally, what was Sara's eye color?
  19. What's Sara's main power?
  20. Sara can:
  21. What's Sara's weakness?
  22. What are Sara's super forms?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Sara The Hedgehog?