Will Shadow the Hedgehog Date You?

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Hi, This quiz is to see if your worthy enough to have shadow as your date or not. You might be his friend, act like rouge to him or even get him as a husband! Lets see you ace this!

have fun enjoy it and do your best.If you want to know shadow the hedgehog search him up so you know how edge he actually can get, his tragic past and how he has amnesia.

Created by: Lone wolf 13
  1. What are your favourite colours?
  2. What is your favourite Character
  3. Hero/Dark/Neutral
  4. Ambivert, Extrovert, Introvert?
  5. Will you be a GUN personally
  6. You join GUN ( to bad if you said no) and find out you're working with the Ultimate Life Form! How do you react
  7. You find Shadow. He looks at you because he was told his partner was going to be a boy. He asks the question. How do you react?
  8. Shadow shakes his head and asks what your powers are. What are they!
  9. Shadow leaves you but acciendtaly brushes his shoulder into you. How do you feel?
  10. You get called into your first mission! Shadow quickly runs off, where do you go
  11. When you finally get ready. Shadow Stares at you. You feel a bit prickly. He then cuts the silence by COMPLIMENTING you! What do you say?
  12. You have to stop Eggman fro stealing a disguised Chaos Emerald. When you get to the point. Shadow sees Eggman and gets dizzy. He falls, what do you do?
  13. Shadow wakes up from the fall and is in your hands. You're walking with his head on your shoulders. When he looks up, how do you feel that you basically was hugging him?
  14. He thanks you for helping him up. He asks if you still got the emerald
  15. If you don't have the emerald , He gives a tiny smile for saving him. If you do - He gives a tiny smile and lets you keep it.
  16. A few days later, you're brushing your hair but Shadow walks right in. You turn around and he stares. You're not sure what to do. He blushes a bit and slowly backs of. What do you say?
  17. He quickly apologised even though you were just combing your hair. You get confused and ask him what's wrong. He just smiles and walks off. What did you believe?
  18. Another GUN mission! This time you need to work yourselves through Museums to stop the robber from getting the most expensive diamond. When you get there, you lose your footing and aim right into Shadows arms. He helps you up but still holds onto you. You feel...
  19. You make your way into the traps. The robber is about to steal the gem but Shadow stops reputedly. It's Rouge! They get into an Argument until you appear. Rouge stops and Looks down at you before saying to Shadow - "You've made yourself a girl friend!, What's the name, Maria!"` Shadow angry attacks on to rouge. She scampers away. shadow looks sad and depressed. You look at him and say...
  20. When its night you hear some sniffing. You see shadow crying. You turn on the light and...
  21. Shadow tells you about Maria, you start to realise why Rouge called you her.You ask him about Rouge. Shadow tells you about Space Colony Ark and sonic. When he is quiet he falls asleep on you. You feel dozy and fall right on top of him... How do you feels?
  22. You wake up realising that you were sleeping on Shadow. You get up asap and run out. Shadow soon wakes up and passes you smiling. He goes out. When you have nothing to do he always leaves. You decide to follow him today.He goes to a field. He looks at his rings and looks concerned. He just shakes his head and walks off. When he comes back you ask him where he went but then shy asks, "where do you want to go?" You get confused but then realise he's asking you out!
  23. You go at night spot with the moon reflecting on the lake. Your feet are in the water. at first your both not sure what to do until you chat away. When you pause, your both looking at each other's eyes. Your nose are touching and your lips are soo close. Shadow brushes your hair and slowly he moves forward. Will you accept his kiss ?
  24. After your kiss he asks if you'll marry him. That's why he was staring at his rings! Will you accept now!
  25. Your finished! Would you love to see your results

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