Are You More Like Blaze the Cat or Amy Rose? (Sonic)

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Me/K: Today, we will see, are you more like Amy Rose or Blaze the Cat? Man, COLD how SEGA don't give Blaze a last name, huh? XD WHY SGEA?! WHY????!!!!

Me/K: Who's your favorite Sonic female or male character? I can maybe make a quiz on them, it can even be a less known Sonic character, whatever y'all want. Anyway, ENJOY!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: First off, pick a COLLAR
  2. Me/K: Pick
  3. Me/K: Are you more of a Tomboy or Girly Girl?
  4. Me/K: How would you wanna fight?
  5. Me/K: Who would you have as your best friend out of these?
  6. Me/K: You see Sonic, what do you do?
  7. Me/K: Would you rather be a Royalty (Prince/Princess) hero or a regular hero?
  8. Me/K: Do you keep things organized?
  9. Me/K: Your with your friends, joking around, and your friend said a joke about you that wasn't really nice and was embarrassing and everyone but you was laughing. What would you do? (BE HONEST)
  10. Me/K: Do you have a temper?
  11. Me/K: Do you have a love interest?
  12. Me/K: Are you afraid of Heights?
  13. Me/K: Are you able to bake and/or cook?
  14. Me/K: Do people call you "Annoying?"
  15. Me/K: Are you an optimist or realist?
  16. Me/K: Do you encourage your friends?
  17. Me/K: Purple or Red?
  18. Me/K: Which age are you CLOSER to?
  19. Me/K: Are you the type to fall in love with someone older than you? (Legit, Amy=12, Sonic=15, the heck)
  20. Me/K: Are you responsible?
  21. Me/K: Do you lack confidence?
  22. Me/K: Lastly, who do you think you are? (NO EFFECT)
  23. Me/K: Also, has anyone seen the new Sonic updates? I'M SO FRICKIN' PUMPED! FOR SONIC FANS, CHECK OUT THE NEW UPDATES! Just wanted to say that, it's awesome, now BOI!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I More Like Blaze the Cat or Amy Rose? (Sonic)