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Hey guys i hope you enjoy my quiz about my pals the sonic characters Disclaimer : i dont own the sonic characters the belong to Sega so salute to Sega Disclaimer : i didnt put people like mina or cosmo because i hate them

Guy thanx for taking my quiz i a ssssssoooooo happy yaaaaasss weel stay sparklely byyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yah okay im done

Created by: Sparkle fox girl

  1. Who is speedy and blue
  2. Who is the twin tailed ( cutie) fox with the iq of a genius
  3. Who is the spike fisted guy who needs to calm down
  4. Who is the obsseive fangirl
  5. Who is the sweet inoccent
  6. Who is the lonsome one
  7. Who is the misfit
  8. Who is the crazy one with the astralian accent
  9. Who is the peacemaker
  10. Who is the mentally ill psychic: lol im a clown!
  11. Who is the emo
  12. Who is the girly bat
  13. Who is creams mother
  14. This girl barlely exsits!
  15. Who is sonics rascal of a brother
  16. Who is sonic prissy sister
  17. Who is the brave chipmunk
  18. Who is the holo lynx
  19. Who is the country talkin robo rabbit
  20. Who is the sharp minded one
  21. Who is the main villain
  22. Who is the robo sonic
  23. Who is the freaky but cute doll
  24. Who is dead sonic

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Quiz topic: Do I know the sonic characters