What does Tails think of u? :D (With story)

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Me/K: HEYYYYYYY!!! This is my 2nd quiz! I hope u like it! To be honest, I liked it better than my 1st one! This has Tails in it and a story that I thought of on the spot!

This quiz took me sooooo long and I'm tired, but it was worth it, I really wanted to finish it so I did! If u want me to make a quiz with a certain character, let me know. Anyway, let's see what Tails thinks of ya!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: HELLOOOO! It's me, K, and this is my 2nd quiz so enjoy! Today, where going to see what Tails thinks of u with Tails himself! U READY?!
  2. Me/K: Ok, now let's bring in....TAILS!!! Tails: Hi there, you must be (Y/N).
  3. Me/K: Ok, let's get this started! Tails, u ask the 1st question! Tails: Ok, don't kill me, but...what's your favorite color? Me/K: Ya know what, to make everyone happy. We'll ask it in another way if it helps. Ur Fave Collar? See, I used collar instead of color!
  4. Me/K: Ok, I'll ask this one. Describe yourself, let Tails get to know u better!
  5. Me/K: Ok, Tails, you go. Tails: Ok, what do ya think of Sonic?Me/K: He's a cocky, kind, hero. Tails: Yeah.
  6. Me/K: Ok, what do u like about Tails?
  7. Tails: Ok, so...if you were with your 3 other friends and Eggman attacked, you had to sacrifice one of you, who would it be? Me/K: GOOD ONE! I would sacrifice myself. Tails: Same
  8. Me/K: What would you do out of these?
  9. Tails: Ok, next-!!!!!!!BOOM!!!!!!Me/K: WHAT THE WHAT WAS THAT?! Tails: *looks out the window* OH NO, IT'S EGGMAN!!!!
  10. Tails: *looks out window* HE'S ON THE ROOF!!! Me/K: *sarcastic* Oh, so dandy... Tails: We need to call Sonic! Me/K: SONIC!!! Sonic: *runs in* Me/K: What took u so long?! Sonic: U didn't need to yell! Me/K: Well, Eggman is on the ROOF! Sonic: We better do something, come on! Now, where running on the stairs, what are ur thoughts or what do u say?
  11. Finally, where on the roof. Eggman: Ow, hello, Sonic, nice of you to drop by to see the building go dow- Me/K: UGH!!! JUST SHUT UP AND LET'S FINISH THIS!!! Eggman: Gladly! Then, Eggman sends robots coming our way. Me/K slices them with a chainsaw. Sonic spindashes at his group of robots. Tails hits them down with a wrench. What is ur attack?
  12. Me/K: That was tiring! Sonic: It's not over yet, all we have left is Egghead! Me/K: Oh, yeah, right. Sonic: Just give up, Eggman! We defeated ur robots, it's 1 against 4! Eggman: Oh, really? The ground begins to shake. Me/K: WHAT THE?! You were about to fall, but Tails caught u in time before u did and helped u stand up. Then, a big red, yellow, and blue robot appears!!!!
  13. Sonic: COME ON, GUYS!!! WE CAN BEAT THIS THING!!! *spindashes at the robot* Me/K: NO, SONIC, WE NEED A PLA- Before Sonic can hit the robot, the robot grabbed him in his fists.Me/K: Plan....we need a plan..... Tails: *grabs a power generator (I didn't really know what to call it..XD)* Maybe I can find the exact spot where the power is coming from! Then, we can send K in the robot to destroy it!
  14. Me/K: Wait, not to be a know-it-all, but there is one thing that isn't in the plan. How do we get in the robot? It's metal! My chainsaw may not be able to work through that.... Tails: Hmm...we'll use a grinder! That should break through it...the thing is that it's down in the building. Me/K: (Y/N), can u grab it for me?
  15. U run down the stairs in the building and hear BLAST, BLAST, BLAST, BLAST, BLAST!!!It's coming from the roof!
  16. U make it to the roof and see Me/K and Tails dodging balls of fire being blasted by Eggman's robot. Me/K: *notices Tails is getting tired* Hang in there, Tails, I'm tired too. Sonic, how u holdin' up?!Sonic: *still in the robot's grasp* *sarcastic* Oh, I'm having a blast, I'm in the grasp of a robot who can kill me! WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M DOING?!Me/K: Don't worry, we'll save ya!Sonic: K, WATCH OUT!!!The robot tried to grab K, but she dodged. Me/K: Thanks for the help, Sonic! *turns around and sees U/(Y/N)* Hey, (Y/N), ur here! Tails is almost done trying to find the source of the robot! U got the grinder?
  17. Tails: Ok, I found the source, it's in the middle, when u get inside the robot, you'll see a yellow orb, all you need to do is destroy it with the grinder! Me/K: Alright-Then the robot started throwing big rocks at us!Me/K: Oh man! *dodges rocks* Tails: K, this is your chance, try to get in!No replyTails: K!No reply
  18. Sonic: K, ARE GOOD?!Me/K: Tails, we can't do this, change in plans! Tails: WHAT?! WHY?!Me/K: There's a high chance that the robot will catch me before I enter it! I'll create the whole, (Y/N) will go inside and destroy the robot!Tails: Makes sense...Me/K: Alright then. I'll make the whole, then get trapped.Tails: YOUR GOING TO GET TRAPPED ON PURPOSE?!Me/K: Well, yeah, if I do, he won't have another hand to use on (Y/N) or u, the perfect plan!Tails: *thinks about it* Ok...I guess....just be careful!Me/K: I will! Here, (Y/N) *gives you chainsaw* Use this, I'm not sure if it will break that orb but it's the biggest and strongest one I got, use it to destroy the orb when u get inside!
  19. Me/K: Let's put this plan to full GO!The robot continued throwing things, while he was doing that, K ran from building to building until she got chose to the robot. Then, she jumped of the roof!
  20. She jumped onto the middle of the robot and used the grinder to cut a whole in the the middle, then she began to fall.Sonic: K!!!!Tails: SHE CAN DO THIS!!!Me/K: HEY, EGGHEAD #2I caught the robot's attention. Me/K: YEAH!!! I'M TALKIN' TO U MORON!!!The robot got angry and grabbed K tightly in his fistMe/K: This tight hold isn't really enjoyable!Sonic: Tell me about it... Are u ok?! I thought u were gonna die! Me/K: Calm down, I'm fine, Sonic, really. Thanks for caring though!Sonic: Anytime...I just want u to be ok! I hope we win this battle......Me/K: We will, this is all a part of the plan! Sonic: What plan?! Me/K: You'll see!
  21. Tails: *sighs* At least she's safe. (Y/N), you ready? U/(Y/N): *Nods* (ur ready if u like it or not >:D) Eggman: Ur failing so far and I'm winning!Me/K: Ur wrong, Egghead, it's the other way around! Where gonna win this and fast! Eggman: Oh really?!You and Tails heard noises from the ground so looked down there from the roof and saw a big tube of water.Me/K: *laughs* U think water can kill us, Egghead?!Sonic: It can't kill u but it can KILL ME!!!Me/K: Oh yeah, right....Sonic: K, can u swim?!Me/K: Sort of....Eggman: It doesn't matter if u can swim or not! My robot will still hold u in ur grasp so u can't move, all he will do is stick u into the water until u run out of AIR!!! HOHOHOHOMe/K: WAIT, WHAT?!Sonic: That's low, even for U Egghead!Eggman: It doesn't matter what u say or think, just say ur last goodbyes!Eggman turned his way over to u and TailsEggman: And as for u, MINIONS ATTACK!!!Robots were running at u guys!
  22. U/(Y/N): Tails, u ok on ur own? Tails: *smashes a robot with wrench* Yeah, I'm good, go do ur thing! U/(Y/N): *nod and take chainsaw* Meanwhile, me and Sonic were slowly being put into the water. Sonic was totally freaking out and was breathing hard. Me/K: SONIC!!! CALM DOWN!!! Sonic: WE MAY DIE!!! HOW CAN I CALM DOWN?! Me/K: Trust in (Y/N) and Tails! They can do this! Sonic: Alright...but what if we don't make it... Me/K: Look...even if we don't, I'm happy that I die with u I guess.... Sonic: Yeah, I'm pretty LOVABLE<3! Me/K: Don't ruin the moment, Blue Devil!
  23. Tails: "(Y/N), WAIT!!! *stops u and hands u a some rope that is connected to him* Here, tie this around your waist so if you fall, I can pull you up with the rope!" U did as he said. Tails: "Good Luck!" Then, u did as I did, run from building to building, dodging and destroying robots all along the way, finally, u were close enough to the robot so u jumped onto the robot and entered the whole I made. U were in the robot! Eggman noticed and commanded to robot to shake back and fourth so u could fall out of it and that's what the robot did. Everything was shaking so u held on to random parts that were in the robot. Meanwhile, Tails was destroying robots and was trying to keep an eye on u, me and Sonic weren't having much fun either. We were closer to the water. Me/K: We'll live, (Y/N) is in! Hold ur breath, Sonic! Sonic: Ok, and if we don't make it, I have something to tell u. Me/K: What? Silence... Sonic: I LOVE U! Me/K: *blushes*Sonic, this isn't the time for joking! Sonic: Aw, well, ur reaction was cute. Me/K: I'm not cute, Blue devil! Sonic: *laughs* Now, hold ur breath. We held our breaths and were put into the water.
  24. U were in the robot. U looked around. Most of it was just wires connecting to other wires, nothing else really....other than....THAT YELLOW ORB!!! It was a bit high though, but u were ready for a challenge so u began climbing from one wire to another. The wires weren't human size, they were as big as the robot! Tails was still fighting, he was worried about u, K, and Sonic. He didn't know if he should pull u in or not. He looked down and saw that K and Sonic were still in the water. They were in there for 6 seconds so far. Tails was a bit worried, he knew that K could hold her breath for 60 seconds (that's actually true, I can), but he didn't know about Sonic. Tails: "Please be ok, (Y/N)...and hurry."
  25. U climbed and climbed, u were so close to the orb. Tails was counting down how long Sonic and K were in the water, 20 seconds! Tails was losing it, he couldn't take it anymore, he ran from building to building and jumped onto the robot and slid down on it all the way to it's arms, trying to break them off with his wrench. After a couple of hits, the arms broke, which meant me and Sonic were free! I hurried and put my head up from the water! Tails: "K!!! UR ALRIGHT!!! WAIT, WHAT ABOUT SONIC?!" Then, Sonic poked his head out the water, flapping his arms up and down saying "I can't swim!" Me/K: *laughs and puts Sonic's arm around me so he can't drown* Aww, cute, can't even doggy paddle!" Sonic: HEY!!! I thought u couldn't swim! Me/K: I can a bit, I'm not all that good though. WAIT! WHERE'S (Y/N)?! THEIR STILL IN THE ROBOT?! Tails: Yeah, I'm a bit worried about 'em, but I believe in them! I can't do much to help or I'll get in the way...but I'm happy you two are ok....you are ok, right? Sonic: I'm A-OK! Me/K: I feel like I'm gonna faint. Sonic: *helps K out the water* K, you really need rest. Me/K: Youes. *passes out* Sonic: I'll take that as a yes *picks up K* Tails: Need help with…
  26. After that, the robot was gone, Tails used some of it for robot parts and got rid of the rest. We went into the quiz room and had some ice cream, well, u did, I fell asleep on Sonic's shoulder lol! U guys were just talking about adventures and hobbies of urs! It was fun to hang out! Well, for the boys it was and for me when I was awake. What did you think?
  27. Me/K: Ok, sorry, but we've ran out of time... Tails: Yeah, sorry for that mishap.
  28. Me/K: I hope u enjoyed! Do u want more quizzes like this? (no effect)
  29. Me/K: Will u comment and rate? (no effect)
  30. Me/K: Before u go, finish this sentence: The Cat...

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