Do You Have What it Takes To Save the World?

Have you played those video games, watched those movies, read those books and wanted to be the hero/heroine of the story! But those who are chosen to save the world have extrodinary, rare mindsets and abilities. Could you, one day, save the world?

Being a hero might be a dream come true, but the sacrifices and danger may outweigh the glory. These incredible people who may sacrifice everything, including their lives, for the goal to save the world. Can you be one of these gifted, rare people?

Created by: shadowlove
  1. It's the middle of the night. You're sleeping soundly in your room when you hear a loud crash! You wake up and think...
  2. You remember your parents are at a party, your older sister's not due home from college until next month and your younger brother is at a friend's house. What do you do?
  3. I'm not telling you the ending! Haha, we're done with the story. This question doesnt count.
  4. What kinds of myths/magic do you believe in?
  5. Who is your fictional role model?
  6. Your in the checkout line at a grocery store and the person behind you is an elderly man in a scooter cart thing. What do you do?
  7. Uh oh! You forgot about a project that counts for half of your grade and its due... Tomorrow!
  8. How do you feel in crowds?
  9. Only one in one billion people are born with your magical ability. You have to defeat an incredible evil monster to save the world. But, there is a 50% chance you will die. What would you do? Think before you answer honestly.
  10. Think about this: Your best friend in the whole universe is trying to destroy the world. You have been chosen to end him/her to save the world. Could you do it?
  11. Could you kill someone that was a stranger to you?
  12. While trying to save the world, you get caught and interrogated severely by fhe enemy. What do you do? They threaten to kill your brother, who they kidnapped.
  13. One last question: Did you answer truthfully? No effect.

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Quiz topic: Do I Have What it Takes To Save the World?