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Me/K: I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!! I guess I'm proud of this! Also, this idea for the quiz was from Pizza King Trem! This is ANOTHER "BE LIKE" quiz! I hope you ENJOY!!!

Me/K: I added some more characters too. There's Sonic, Tails, Silver, Chat Noir, Bakugou, Deku, Espio, Rigby, Mordecai, and Benson! Also, they do NOT belong to me, their from Regular Show, Miraculous, SEGA, and MHA.

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: Hope you enjoy and make sure you ALL are wearing a mask and are staying safe! We're all in this together so now, ENJOY!!!
  2. Me/K: Also, shout out to Pizza King Trem for the idea!
  3. (At Hospital) Me/K: How the heck do I keep getting these jobs?! Tails: Remember, you told me to call some guy named "I can get you a lot of jobs, Robin." Me/K: *Sighs* It was disappointing cause he wasn't really Robin...
  4. Me/K: Anyway, let's get to work. Tails: Do you even know what your doing? Me/K: NOPE, but I got doctors and all that junk so I should be fine.
  5. Joey: *Comes to desk* Hello, can I have some service? Me/K: No, but we have to give you some so talk to Tails. Joey: Well, can I get the COVID vaccine? I made an appointment. Tails: Oh, yes, Joey, right? Joey: Yeah. Tails: Ok, wait in the waiting room please. Me/K: And be careful, social distance, there's a LOT of people sitting in there. Joey: *Looks in there*...No ones there...
  6. Sonic: *Comes out* Me/K: Are all the doctors ready? Sonic: Yeah, almost, their doing some *Cough Cough* interesting dancing going on in there-but anyway, they should be good in 2 minutes. Me/K: Okie- Joey: I'm a bit scared to get the vaccine... Everyone:... Me/K: Ok then...that was...out of nowhere...
  7. Joey: Can I go to the bathroom? Me/K: No one needs to be asked, it's right down the hall, bro. Joey: *Leaves to Bathroom* Me/K: *Puts up sign that says "Go to the fox in the Desk"* Ms. Clean: Hello, can I get serv- Me/K: YES! I PUT UP A FRICKIN' SIGN THAT SAID "GO TO THE FOX IN THE DESK-" Tails: K, I think you need to calm down a bit-WAIT-did you have too much Pocky? Me/ Tails: I told you NOT to eat it! Ugh, ya know what, we need someone to help. CHAT, BRING HIM IN! Chat Noir: *Comes in with Bakugou* Bakugou: UGH, not her again- Me/K: *Hugs Bakugou* You need a hug. Bakugou: *Looks at Chat Noir* Imma kill you after this. Chat Noir: *Looks at imaginary watch* Oh, look at the time, I better head towards the desk and avoid being right here! *Runs*
  8. Tails: Well, while K stands there for a while-hello, Ms, what can I do for- Ms. Clean: *Spays Air Sanitizer* Sorry, I just don't want whatever you have, I ain't getting sick. You must have a sickness called "I turned into a Fox with two tails" Tails: I've been a fox and this is normal, I'm NOT a human- Ms. Clean: Tell me, how did you get it? Tails: I didn't- Ms. Clean: Are you sure your mask is high enough? Tails: PLEASE, just take a S.E.A.T. Ms. Clean: Is this even six feet apart?! Tails: Ma'am, listen- Ms. Clean: You wannna get sick? Chat Noir: Take a seat, ma'am! Ms. Clean: FINE! *Takes seat*
  9. Joey: *Comes back and about to sit in seat and looks at Ms. Clean* Hello- Ms. Clean: *Starts spraying him with Air Sanitizer* SIX FEET APART! Joey: *Is coughing* I'm sorry- Ms. Clean: *Starts throwing cleaning stuff at him* TAKE THIS! TAKE THIS WITH YOUR HORRID DIRT! TAKE THIS! YOU CAN TAKE A BATH WITH THESE CLEANING WIPES! TAKE THIS! Joey: *Gets hit and falls on floor* I DIDN'T- Ms. Clean: *Starts pouring ALL her sanitizers on him* WE BOUTTA MAKE YOU SCWEAKY CLEAN, THEN YOU CAN GO AWAY! Joey: MY SHIRT! YOUR RUINING IT! Ms. Clean: IT SMELLED LIKE MY CAT'S LITTERBOX ANYWAY! Sonic: *Calmly eating Chili Dog, then sees Ms. Clean* WHAT THE?! SILV, I NEED YOUR ASSISTANTS! Silver: *Sees what's happening* NOT AGAIN! *Goes to sort it out* Tails: HOW DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?! Chat Noir: THIS IS WORSE THAN FIGHTING VILLAINS! Tails: DON'T WORRY, SILVER-Oop, that's gonna leave a mark... Sonic: SOMEONE DO SOMETHIN- Me/K: *Sleeping by Bakugou* Bakugou: *Is just scrolling on his phone* HEY, BLUE RAT, KEEP IT QUIET OUT THERE! SOME PEOPLE ARE WATCHING VIDEOS AND SLEEPING!
  10. (Once everything has calmed down) Sonic: *Is sitting upside down on his chair* Tails: *Looks like he has seen a horror movie* Chat Noir: *Lying on floor* Silver: *Asleep* Me/K: *Wakes up*...what happened? Bakugou: These idiots were making noise. Tails:...Let's just get this over with...
  11. Tails: Joey! Joey: Yeah. Tails: Your doctor will be Dr. Doom. Joey:...Um. Silver: Don't worry, you don't need to worry, he is VERY gentle, maybe the kindest and gentlest- Patient: *Runs out of hospital* Dr. Doom: *Running after them but fails and is holding BIG syringe* Welp, guess she's gone-OH, do I have another patient? *Does weird smile* Joey: *Thinking "Oh, heck nah"* Ya know what, I don't even think I need- *About to Leave* Dr. Doom: *Grabs his arm and looks mad* I AM THE KINDEST PERSON HERE, NOW SHUT UP AND GET YOUR SHOT. Silver: in what I mean by gentle and kind-
  12. Me/K: Tails, can you help me real quick? Tails: Sure *Comes to help me* Karen: *At Desk* *Says Politely* Hello? Can someone serve me? *No one answers and she gets louder* HELLO? CAN SOMEONE COME OVER HERE? *No one says anything so she throws her bag against the wall and Yells* HELLO?! SOMEONE GET THEIR BUTT OVER HERE! Tails: *Comes over* OH-S-Sorry! Karen: *Talks at a normal level and smiles* Np, not that it bugged me. Bakugou: She's Bipolar. Me/K: I don't get why your talking that way when- Bakugou: SHUT UP! I THOUGHT YOU WERE TIRED! Me/K: If you thought I was still sleeping, then who would you be talking to? Bakugou: THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, MEIWAKU! Me/K: Okie then...whatever you say, Bakugou.
  13. Tails: Did you make an appoint-*Gasps* Karen: What is it? Tails: Sorry, it's just-I can't serve you if you don't have a mask on. Karen: WHAT?! You want ME to wear a PIECE ON CLOTH on my face, is that-is that what I'm hearing- Tails: Um...yeah. Karen: Why?! All it's gonna do is kill ME! I ain't wearing one, y'all can wear the mask, NOT me! Me/K: MA'AM! WEAR A MASK! READ MY LIPS! DON'T-BE-GHETTO! YOU AREN'T GHETTO NATASHA! Karen: FINE! *Wears mask that has OPEN whole wear her mask is* Happy? Me/K: That's not-
  14. Me/K: Look, I'm sorry, but we can't serve you. Bakugou: Yeah, Meiwaku, the fox, and I both know your crazy, now leave. Karen: *Gets mad and starts throwing stuff* Me/K: WE NEED OUR CALMING SUPPORT TEAM! Bakugou: I'll call them...GET OVER HERE SUPPORT TEAM OR I'LL START GETTING VIOLENT! Deku and Espio: *Hurry and come in* Deku: *Sees thrown object* What's happening?! Sonic: It's some crazy woman! Espio: Deku, you go get her and I'll start up meditation. Deku: GOT IT! *Goes over but gets hit by chair and falls to floor* Me/K: *Runs over* DEKU, ARE YOU OK?! Deku: *Rubs head* Ow-I'm fine, don't worry about me. Chat Noir: SILVER, STOP THAT KAREN! Silver: *Uses Powers to make Karen start levitating* Karen: PUT ME DOWN YOU LITTLE- Silver: Now, Espio, about that meditation, she's all yours
  15. Deku: Ok, she seems to be doing fine in meditation. Me/K: Ok then, WAIT-where did I put my pen? Deku: Hmm, I'm not sure. Me/K: Bakugou, do you know? Bakugou: No, why would I care about a pen, that's stupid- Me/K: I better find it then. ???: I have two guys who can do it for you. Me/K: *Turns around* BENSON?! Benson: Yes, Mordecai and Rigby owe me anyway, they can go to the Supply Room and get the pen for you. Rigby: Benson, why don't you just give her your pen? Benson: WHY WON'T YOU STOP SLACKING OFF AND DO YOUR JOB?! Mordecai: You don't need to yell- Benson: *Screech Noise* WHAT?! Mordecai: WE'RE GETTING THE PEN! *Him and Rigby leave*
  16. Me/K: I wonder how Joey is doing... Bakugou: UGH, does that mean that the quiz is going to switch off to what he's doing? Me/K: Yeah, I was just trying to find a good way to shift it to the next part. Bakugou: Oh, ok
  17. (With Joey in Hospital Room) Dr. Doom: Let's get this ready. Joey: I don't remember telling you what type vaccine I wanted. Dr. Doom: *Looks Around*...What? Joey: The "Types." Dr. Doom: BOI, what do you means "Types?" You on a dating website? Joey: No- Dr. Doom: Cause you know the key to getting a girl to like you right? *Shows him Breakfast themed socks* It's all in the socks, yes sirry, sock ain't strong, ain't gonna last long- Joey: NO-your a doctor, shouldn't you know about the "Types?" Dr. Doom:...Just shut up and let me get this ready.
  18. (Along With Us) Espio: Ok, Tails, is there a doctor ready for Karen? Tails: Yeah, I'll send her in with Doctor. No Papa. Espio: Um...ok. Me/K: Thank you for helping, Espio. Espio: *Bows* Ofc, anything to help. Me/K: Deku, have you eaten anything? Deku: No. Me/K: If you want, you can get something from the Fridge. Deku: Ok *Goes to Fridge and Eats Apple* Doctors: *Hears his cruntching* Doctor 1: YA HEAR THAT?! SOMEONE MAY BE HURT! Doctor 2: YEAH, THEIR SPINE MAY BE FRAGILE AND WENT "CRACK!" All Doctors: LET'S GO! *All run into room and grab Deku onto floor* Deku: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Doctor 1: STAY CALM, SIR! WE'RE HELPING YOU! Deku: WHAT?! NO, NO, I'M FINE- Me/K: WHAT THE?! STOP! STOP! BAKUGOU, DO SOMETHING! Bakugou: Ok *Sets me down next to him* We can sit here and enjoy him being out of our hair. Me/K: BUT WHAT IF THEY GIVE HIM A SHOT OR SOMETHING, OR HURT HIM?! Bakugou: You worry too much, their doctors, he should be fine- Deku: OOOH! I'M FINE! Me/K: IMMA HELP HIM- Bakugou: *Sets me back down* He's a man, he can deal with it, now sit down and play Sonic Mania or something. Me/K: But I wanna help- Bakugou: I DIDN'T GIVE YOU AN OPTION! Me/K: *Plays Sonic Mania*
  19. Sonic: *Sitting with Benson* Hey, Benson. Benson: Yes, Sonic? Sonic: Maybe you should be less of a Red-Head and more of a *Points to himself* Blue-Head! HAHA! Get it?! Benson:...Please stop. Sonic: Ok...
  20. Benson: I hope Mordecai and Rigby aren't slacking off. (With Mordecai and Rigby, in Supply Room) Mordecai: We've been looking for that stupid pen and can't find it anywhere. Ya see anything, Rigby? Rigby: No, maybe it's up there *Points to box at very top* Mordecai: Maybe, I'll get on top of you and get the box. Rigby: WHAT?! Your so much taller than me, how can I hold you?! Mordecai: Dude, I thought you said you had muscles. You said you were strong. Rigby: Well, yeah- Mordecai: Then why not? Rigby: It's just...I don't wanna use my strength now-yeah, Imma go with that. Mordecai: Fine, get on my back. Rigby: *Gets on his back and reaches up* I can't reach it! Mordecai: Climb up the shelf and get to it. Rigby: Or we can go get Ice Cream. Mordecai: Come on, dude, Benson is already upset, let's just do this one thing. Rigby: Fine *Begins to climb on Shelf all the way to top* Mordecai: You got it? Rigby: *Grabs pen from box* Well *Shows Pen* see for yourself! Mordecai: Yeah-ya! Mordecai and Rigby: *Put hand up* OOOOOOOH! Rigby: *Loses balance* WHOA! WHOA WHOA! Shelf: *Falls down* Mordecai: RIGBY!
  21. Mordecai: *Looks for Rigby* Rigby: *Comes from under the fallen supplies* Mordecai: Are you ok? Rigby: Yeah, it's just my shoulder, it hurts. Mordecai: Let's get a doctor. Doctor: *Walking by* Mordecai: HEY SIR! Can you help my friend with his arm? Doctor: Sure can, come into Room 86, we can check him there. Mordecai: Thanks. Doctor: Also, you can call me Mr. My Mom. Rigby: You must be related to Muscle Man somehow.
  22. (In Room 86) Dr. My Mom: Tell me, where's the pain? Rigby: My shoulder. Dr. My Mom: Ok, we better do an X-Ray to make sure it's not broken *Takes Rigby to X-Ray Machine* Dr. My Mom: Before we start *Grabs safety supplies* Mordecai: Is this thing gonna kill him or something? What's with the safety stuff? Dr. My Mom: *In FULL Safety Gear* No, no, it's perfectly safe *Hides behind desk* Mordecai: 0_0
  23. (After X-Ray) Dr. My Mom: Ok, we're having someone look at the X-Ray now. Tell me more about this pain. Rigby: Well, my shoulder hurts when I touch it. Dr. My Mom: Then don't touch it, that'll be $1000. Mordecai and Rigby: WHAT?! Mordecai: You didn't even do anything but an X-Ray which didn't even come back good or not! Rigby: YEAH! Dr. My Mom: I gave you advice, that's enough, now give me your money! Mordecai: No, not till something is really done! Dr. My Mom: Then imma call Security! Rigby: You wouldn't... Mordecai: Yeah, he wouldn't- Dr. My Mom: *Calls Security* Bakugou: *Comes in* WHAT IS IT?! Mordecai: I thought there would be a bigger security force. Bakugou: WHO NEEDS A FORCE WHEN THEY GOT ME! NOW COME HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU IDIOTS! Mordecai and Rigby: *Run* Bakugou: COME BACK HERE YOU COWARDS!!!
  24. Me/K, Deku, Benson: *Walking through hall* Benson: I don't get what those two are up to. Getting a pen doesn't take that long. Me/K: It's fine, they must be- Deku: *Taps my shoulder* You may wanna look at this. All of us: *See Bakugou, Mordecai, and Rigby* Mordecai: *Running by* OH HEY, BENSON! WE DID OUR JOB! Rigby: *Gives me pen* WE GOT THE PEN! WE'RE HERE IF YOU NEED ANYTHING, K! Bakugou: *Running after them* GET BACK HERE!!! Me/K: *Grabs Bakugou's arm* Bakugou: LET GO OF ME! Me/K: Calm down, I need your help, PLEASE! LEAVE THEM ALONE! Bakugou: NO! Deku: Kacchan, maybe you should- Bakugou: SHUT UP! Benson: I'm going to get those two and KILL THEM! *Runs after Mordecai and Rigby* Me/K: *Pulls Bakugou* Come on, Bakugou! Don't make this hard! I need your help with a patient! Deku, can you help me? Deku: *Helps me drag Bakugou*
  25. (With Karen) Dr. No Papa: Ok, I got all the stuff ready. From everything you've told me, you need to get these medicines to help *Writes down medicines and gives it to her* Karen: *Looks at paper* Paper: *Shows Squiggly Lines* Karen: What the heck is this?! Dr. No Papa: It's your medicine. What else? Karen: No, this looks like a cheap drawing of a snake. Dr. No Papa: It's called Cursive, you not know, are you smart? Karen: *Gets mad and starts throwing stuff* (All you hear from the room is banging and yelling)
  26. (In Room 54) Dr. Can't Touch This, Me/K, Bakugou, and Deku: *In Same Room* Mrs. Lena: I'm sorry to come but I broke my arm in 3 places. Dr. Can't Touch This: Well, I don't go to those places. Mrs. Lena: Also, my back hurts whenever I wake up in the morning. Dr. Can't Touch This: Then wake up in the Afternoon. Now, that will be your WHOLE wallet, including the money. Me/K: Actually- Dr. Can't Touch This: *Gives me death glare* Me/K: *Hides behind Bakugou* Deku: Aww, don't worry, K, it'll be ok *Pats my head* I'll tell him to not take all the money. Dr- Dr. Can't Touch This: *Death glares at Deku* Deku: *Stands Back* Actually, I'll sit this one out. Bakugou: UGH, you babies *Smacks Dr on head* Dr. Can't Touch This: *Passes out* Bakugou: There. Me/K and Deku: Um...
  27. (With Joey) Dr. Doom: Ok, your done, you got your vaccine. Joey: Oh, ok, that actually didn't hurt as much as I thought. Dr. Doom: Yeah, duh, cause I'm awesome, now, get out. Me/K: *Walks in* Oh, hey, Joey, sorry about today- Joey: It's fine. Me/K: OOP-also, I wanted to give you the vaccine syringe! *Holds up syringe* Joey: What...but I already got my shot. Bakugou: What? How without the syringe? Deku: Yeah, I don't remember there being one in here. Me/K: Which one did you give? Dr. Doom: This one *Holds up Syringe* Sonic: OH WAIT-there's my Coke Filled Syringe *Takes Syringe from the Doctor* Me/K: WHAT?! THAT WAS YOURS?! Sonic: Yeah, I thought it would fit in well with our Coke Party later. Joey: Wait, but doesn't that mean he put in Coke-inside- *Faints* Tails: *Comes in* K, I need to-HUH?! Espio: *Comes* Do I need the Chaotix team? Me/K: Um... Sonic:....Anyone want Coke from a Syringe?
  28. Me/K: I hope you enjoyed! I had fun making this! I even added some other characters! But seriously, you guys, make sure you wear masks and stay safe, this is just a funny quiz I made. So, anyway, have a good day, stay safe, and BOI!!!
  29. (Extra Part) (Hiding In Car) Mordecai: Hopefully, Benson won't get to us. Rigby: *Does Sly Grin* He won't cause I got his keys to this car *Holds Keys* Mordecai: YES! Hopefully he doesn't kill us when he comes though. Rigby: Yeah, how about we listen to some Rap music to clear our heads *Turns on Radio* Radio of the Rapper: Y'all already know who dis is! Rigby and Mordecai:...Who? Rapper: *Starts Rapping* Mordecai: UGH, some of these Rappers always say stuff like that and you don't even know who they are! Rigby: YEAH! Benson: YOU ALREADY KNOW WHO DIS IS! Mordecai and Rigby: 0-0
  30. Rigby: DO SOMETHING! QUICK! HE'S COMING! Mordecai: Wait, but we have the keys! HAHA! Rigby: HAHA! SUCKER! Benson: *Gets mad and starts hitting windows* Rigby: The windows are cracking-THE WINDOWS ARE CRACKING! Mordecai: Let's go! *Begins to Drive car* Benson: *Runs after car and gets on it* Rigby: HE'S ON! HE'S ON! Mordecai: I know what to do! *Does Many Drifts* Benson: *Flies Off* Rigby: HAHA! Just like it was with the Karen! Benson: YOU GUYS ARE DEAD WHEN I SEE YOU! Mordecai: Yeah, we all are going to work at the Park which means... Rigby: Benson will be there... Mordecai and Rigby: He's our Boss. Mordecai: *Stops Car* We're in BIG trouble, dude. Rigby: Ok, this is fine, all we need to do is change our name, looks, and location...can you speak Korean? Screen: *Shows Regular Show Ending Theme*

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