How well do you know GA trivia?

Grey's Anatomy follows the lives of the doctors at Seattle Grace hospital. We see them in the operating room, at home, at Joe's, and yes, even in the on-call room "feeding the beast" (in the words of Izzie Stevens) We have seen these doctors for three seasons now.

But do you know your stuff? I mean, seriously, how well do you pay attention?????? Sure, you know what happens week to week, but do you know the characters, the actors/actress, the crew members (writers, directors), and the music? Let's find out!!!!

Created by: ChickyfromABCMB
  1. What did Cristina "used to love?"
  2. What is "Supergirl's" name?
  3. Which is NOT one of "life's 3 R's"?
  4. What hand does Cristina get when playing cards with George in "Shake Your Groove Thing"
  5. Who is Alexandra Patsavas?
  6. How old was Katie Byrce?
  7. Who played Danny (from "Into You Like A Train?")
  8. Who is Wendey Stanzler?
  9. Who is "Bossy McBossy"?
  10. Who has a son named Jackson?
  11. What song was playing when in "Make Me Lose Control" when Cristina passed out?
  12. Who is a twin in real life?
  13. What does Mark drink his first time at Joe's bar?
  14. Which is NOT the name of a cast members child?
  15. Who has a red stethoscope?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know GA trivia?