Would I, Pablo Penguin, Be Your Friend?

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Me: (I am Sonic Tails Lf's alt, come on, we all knew that, I do these stupid things, XD)! Anyway, today we will see if I, Pablo the Penguin would be your friend!

Me: Make sure to answer honestly, I mainly went off of personality, I hope you enjoy the quiz, make sure to stay safe and have a great day, bye everybody!

Created by: I_Pablo_Penguin

  1. Me/Pablo: Hello, everyone!
  2. Me: If you were able to hang somewhere, where?
  3. Me: If you had a choice (Unless you do), which time would you WANT to sleep?
  4. Me: Do you act serious a lot?
  5. Me: Are you creative and imaginative?
  6. Me: Would you want to be a parent or child (In Choice)?
  7. Me: Do you like Penguins?
  8. Me: Do you like to sing or listen to music?
  9. Me: What would you do if a test was coming up?
  10. Me: Someone is getting bullied, you would...
  11. Me: Hobbies (Out of these)?
  12. Me: Which color represents you?
  13. Me: Do you like memes?
  14. Me: What would you do at the park?
  15. Me: Hope you enjoyed, goodbye!

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Quiz topic: Would I, Pablo Penguin, Be my Friend?