Do you really know about penguins?

Many people like penguins. Do they really know about them? Or do you really know about them? This quiz will test you on how much you know about penguins.

If you score high that means that you are a penguin expert. These questions and answers are true. So please chose wisly and enjoy this penguin quiz!!!

Created by: Snowfluff

  1. What is the size of a penguin's brain?
  2. Can penguins fly?
  3. How much do penguins spend in the water during there lives?
  4. What do penguins in the south MOSTY eat?
  5. When do penguins migrate
  6. The little penguins are found where?
  7. What is the little penguin's life span
  8. Adverge life span of penguins?
  9. Do penguins have good eyesight?
  10. How sharp is a penguins eye sight?
  11. How do penguins sleep
  12. What is the largest penguin called
  13. Where does the largest penguin live?
  14. Do most penguins swim in saltwater?
  15. How many differet species of penguins are there?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know about penguins?