Do you know penguins of madagascar well?

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Have you seen penguins of madagascar? It's about when the penguins team up with a secret agency called the north wind to save the world from Dave, an evil octopus who wants to turn penguins into mutants!

Do you have the knowledge to help the penguins defeat dave? Do you think you can outsmart kowalski with your penguins knowledge? Well you'll find out in just a few moments with this fun quiz! Good luck and score high!

Created by: Conor hall

  1. Why do the penguins end up in dave's sub at the start of the movie?
  2. What is the name of the agency the penguins must team up with?
  3. Complete this quote: you just ******* my day!
  4. What does dave use to turn penguins into mutants?
  5. Who plays classified?
  6. Complete this quote: but they don't have hands, they just have flippers and I have flippers, so it's ******** useless!
  7. What famous group of penguins does dave kidnap in shanghai?
  8. Who is the secret weapon?
  9. Complete this quote, remain calm ******** you are now under the protection of the north wind!
  10. Second last question, when was the film released for UK?
  11. Last question, who made the movie?

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Quiz topic: Do I know penguins of madagascar well?