Which penguin of madagascar are you?!

Have you ever thought to yourself; which penguin of madagascar am I? Do I have the brains of Kowalski or the combat skills like Skipper? Am I as cute and cuddly as Private or as crazy as Rico?

Only one way to find out..Take THIS quiz! It takes a few minuets to answer a question you could have been pondering for ages! *this quiz is just for fun, and the first I have made. Nasty comments will be ignored.

Created by: IAmMe
  1. What hobbies do you like?
  2. The leader of your friend group goes away for abit; you..?
  3. Something unusual has happened..
  4. (*girls if you were a guy) how would you talk to the girl you liked?
  5. How do people describe you?
  6. Your weakness..?
  7. Which character reminds you most of yourself?
  8. What kind of film do you like?
  9. Someone makes a statement which you know is wrong
  10. If you could be one of these characters, who would you want to be?

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Quiz topic: Which penguin of madagascar am I?!