what penguin from penguins of madagascar are you?

find out which penguin you have hidden deep inside you! are you... skipper, kawalski, private, or rico? find out when you take this quiz!

are you well- skilled, smart, cute, or creepy overall????? take the quiz already!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

Created by: natalie
  1. you have a fortune cookie. it probably says:
  2. are you a leader?
  3. what would you want most?
  4. what do you do on saturdays?
  5. which sounds the worst?
  6. what is your favorite two words?
  7. are you paranoid?
  8. if you were a guy, your lady friend would be...
  9. are you....
  10. you meet buck rotgut, the greatest american penguin hero!
  11. the sun's missing!
  12. the evil dolphin dr. blowhole is very clever and sets a trap with spikes. the peanut butter winky got stabbed!
  13. you are known for:

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Quiz topic: What penguin from penguins of madagascar am I?