Truth or Dare (I'm bored XD)

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Me/K: I got bored so I made a truth or dare quiz. My last one was ONLY dares so now, I added truths. I hope people do the dares but they may only do the truths.

Me/K: I hope you enjoy the quiz! Tell me your result in the comments and whether your gonna do it or not. That's all for this paragraph so begint the quiz!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: First off, pick...
  2. Me/K: Again...
  3. Me/K: One more time...
  4. Me/K: (The rest of these questions DON'T affect, I just need more questions) Who is better?
  5. Me/K: Have you ever drank soap?
  6. Me/K: Would you be a Skittle or an M&M?
  7. Me/K: Have you seen the Space Jam 2 trailer, if you did, did you like it?
  8. Me/K: Have you seen Space Jam 1, if so, did you like it? (It's old, I have the movie on a tape)
  9. Me/K: Would you rather be fighting Heartless (Monsters) in Kingdom Hearts or be a fighter in Super Smash Bros (I'm not sure for me, I want to meet the characters)
  10. Me/K: Are you Dora?
  11. Me/K: Am I an apple?
  12. Me/K: Do you want to see your dare/truth/result?

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