Which Pizza are U? (Out of these 4)

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Me/K: This quiz was requested by Tremendus! I tried my best to make this quiz accurate and tried to think of questions, luckily, I did enough to add it all! XD

Me/K: I needed a quiz idea anyway, so this did help me think of something! I will take request for quizzes so if you have one, comment. Now, you may begin (unless you already did, LOL XD)

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: Just know, I'm not sure how accurate this quiz will be so please don't be mad XD
  2. Me/K: First off, which colors?
  3. Me/K: Which one?
  4. Me/K: Which one?
  5. Me/K: Scale of 1-10, how lazy are you?
  6. Me/K: How much are you like others?
  7. Me/K: You would go to....
  8. Me/K: People say your....
  9. Me/K: Which animal?
  10. Me/K: Do you want to move Fur-ward to the results? That was a cat pun. Sometimes you just have to take paws and enjoy the puns. (NO EFFECT)
  11. Me/K: This quiz was requested by Tremendus! Hope you enjoyed! BOI!!! (The way you say bye will affect)

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