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Me/K: This is another sort of "BE LIKE" quiz, my Starbucks one was a "BE LIKE" quiz too, I just changed the name since it was my Starbucks, I hope you ENJOY!!!

Me/K: Let me know if you want more "BE LIKE" quizzes and who knows, you may be in this quiz too! Rate and Comment to let me know what you think, ENJOY!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: *Rolling on Floor* Horror Lives 2: What are you doing? Me/K: I NEED TO SAVE BAKUGOU! I NEED TO! Horror Lives: XD, it's ok, K. How about you watch TV to get your mind off of it.
  2. Me/K: Alright then. *Turns on TV* Ad on TV: Do you have too much money you don't know what to do with? Me/K: No. Ad: Oh...well, are you broke but want to look rich? Me/K: Not really, but Imma say "Yes" to get this quiz somewhere. Ad: Then buy Airpods for only $159.00! Me/K: *Looks it waller* Wow, I somehow have EXACTLY $159.00!
  3. *Next Day* Me/K: Horror Lives, I got the airpods! Also, hi, derecho! Derecho: *Eating Taco* Hi, that's so cool that you got them. Me/K: I know, right? Ad: Wait, you JUST bought those Airpods...? Me/K: Um...yeah, so? Ad: Oh, Airpods are so 10 minutes ago. If you want to look rich right now then buy the Airpods PRO for only $259! Me/K:...*Calls Mom* Mom, did you know your AWESOME- Mom: Ok, if you want money then you will have to clean the house afterwards. Me/K: Well, since you OFFERED the money, I'll take it!
  4. *Next Day* Me/K: *Just finished Cleaning* Trem: Are you tired now? Me/K: Yeh, SUPER, but at least I got the Airpods Pro, I'm gonna be lookin' like a PRO now! Ad: Oh my god, what the heck, what the heck, did you NOW just get the Airpods Pro?! Me/K:...yes.... Trem: I know where this is going... Ad: Bro, Airpods Pro are a thing of the past. We're in Silver's day now, we ain't in Sonic the Hedgehog's! Only CHEAP people would buy the Airpods Pro. If you want to be a part of this rich generation, you buy the NEW Airpods MAX for only $559!
  5. Me/K: YA KNOW WHAT?! I'm going to go up there and talk to Apple about this! Trem, Derecho, Horror Lives, you guys can come too. Trem, Derecho, Horror Lives: Ok
  6. *At the Apple Store* KrazyGirl: Oh, hey, Kaylah, nice to see you. What are you doing here? Me/K: I'm here to talk to Apple and see what's new so hopefully, I can get the newest phone, plus, most of their phones and stuff are alike. So, is there anything new? KrazyGirl: Nothing much, but I found out that Accalia and Luca got jobs here.
  7. Me/K: Hey, Cal, Luca, I didn't know you had a job here. Accalia: Yeah, we just got it. Luca: Yeah, so, is there anything you guys want? Me/K: Um, sure, so everyone can grab a phone case and a phone. Derecho: I'm taking the Taco phone case. Trem: I'll take the Pizza one. Horror Lives: I'll have the Billie Eilish one. KrazyGirl: Yeah, I'll take the Sonic one. Luca: Ok, we'll get that for you.
  8. My_Wolves: Hello, everybody. Me/K: Hey, I'm happy to see ya, Leah! My_Wolves: Yeah, great to see you all too. Also, Apple is trying to sell random stuff that is already a thing. Me/K: *Sighs* I better go talk to them and see what's up...
  9. Apple Worker: Oh, hello, what can I do for you today? Me/K: Well, I wanted to see your new products or just get a new Iphone or something. Apple Worker: WHAT?! You want an Iphone?! That's LAST year, you should get the ULTRA Z Flip Smartphone! Me/K: When was it called "Ultra?" Apple Worker: What?! Are you talking about the Z Flip Smartphone?! Yeah, that one is OLD, you should get the ULTRA Z Smartphone! My_Wolves: Is there a difference?
  10. Apple Worker: *Grabs the Phone* It NOT like the regular one, it's black and flippable- Me/K: WAIT-that one looks exactly like the ORIGINAL Z Flip Smartphone though. Apple Worker: No it doesn't- Me/K: Is the photoshop? Apple Worker: Well no- KrazyGirl: Does it charge faster? Apple Worker: Uh no- Me/K: Then what's different about it? Apple Worker: WHAT?! Did you just ask what's different about it?! Ain't it OBVIOUS?! *Flips phone up and down* Do you not see this flip? Me/K, KrazyGirl, and My_Wolves: *Make "BRUH" face* Apple Worker: Goes faster than the ORIGINAL flip.
  11. Me/K: Dude, ya know what, I don't care about that. Just let me buy the Z Flip Phone, not the ULTRA cause y'all just want money. Apple Worker: You sure that's all you want? You can buy the new Apple Soda. Trem: The what? Apple Worker: The new Apple Soda, it is the HEALTHIEST soda EVER! Me/K: WAIT-is that a diet Coke with an Apple Sticker on it? Apple Worker: *Talks Fast* No! Me/K: Dude, no one's gonna buy that! Costumer: YES! I got the new Apple Soda! Apple Worker: See? He happy cause he getta stay hydrated. Luca: Just give her the stickin' phone, if she wants that.
  12. Apple Worker: Fine, but do you want the Apple Taco? Derecho: Can I have one? Me/K:...Fine, we'll take that and the phone. *Pays the Guy* Apple Worker: Thank you- Robber: *Holding Fork* EVERYONE, PUT YOUR HANDS UP! Accalia: Is he holding a fork?
  13. Apple Worker: *Puts Hands Up* TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT! Me/K: What the heck?! Apple Worker: He has a fork, we're gonna die! Derecho: *Throws Taco at Robber* Robber: *Passes Out* My_Wolves: It was that easy... Me/K: Um...well good job, Derecho. Derecho: Thanks, all you need to do is use the power of the taco.
  14. Me/K: Ya know what, let's just go home... Accalia: Yeah, also, me and Luca may quit. Me/K: Yeah, you probably, LET'S GO GET TACOS AND PIZZA!!! Everyone: YEAH!
  15. Me/K: That's all for today, Shout Out to ALL the people in this quiz (IDK about the Apple Worker but)! Check out their accounts if you haven't and if you want me to make more "Be Like" quizzes, let me know! That's all for today, BOI!!!

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