Which Of My Current Pets Are U?

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Me/K: Ok, today, we will see which of my CURRENT pets you are. This one doesn't have all the animals from my older quiz so it won't be all the same...

Me/K: Rate and comment on who you got and this quiz may not be as good, I just woke up, yeah, I stay up late playing video games and wake up to do this stuff. Anyway, enjoy!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: *Stares at wall* Hehehe, tacos...OH-sorry. Ok, um, first question or yeah, that's it, which one would you rather be?
  2. Me/K: Which color you like better?
  3. Me/K: Are you picky when it comes to food?
  4. Me/K: Which one would you rather do?
  5. Me/K: What's your gender (I know, I know, it's late for that....)
  6. Me/K: What would you do in nature?
  7. Me/K: Your an...
  8. Me/K: Which one?
  9. Me/K: If you were a dog, would you be friends with a CAT?
  10. Me/K: Is Tamaki Amajiki awesome?
  11. Me/K: Which are you more like?
  12. Me/K: Which Sonic character out of these are you more like? (It's not like I put more boy Sonic characters than girl characters cause I like the boy characters better, hehehehe)
  13. Me/K: And lastly....the MOST important....Is Bakugo awesome?

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