How much do you know about current politics?

There are many Americans who think they know about politics, yet they don't even research. Are you one of the people who is up to date and informed about current political events?

NO GOGGLING, are it will NOT be accurate. You think you know about politics? Take the quiz,and let's find out what you really know about current political events.

Created by: Coolingdown
  1. What is the National Defense Authorization Act?
  2. What city did Osama Bin Laden get killed in (Assuming he was killed at all)?
  3. When did the Great Recession (The economic crisis) begin?
  4. Was Mitt Romney the governor of:
  5. Who won the Republican primaries in Nevada?
  6. Who was planned 9/11 (Official)?
  7. Is the Democratic Party:
  8. Is the Republican party:
  9. The next set of questions will be harder, ready?
  10. What is Occupy Wall Street?
  11. Who is Chief Justice?
  12. Which of the following was signed into law by Obama?
  13. What district does Ron Paul represent in Texas?
  14. Does the president have the power to impeach senators?
  15. What does the healthcare reform do (only one of the following is correct)?
  16. Who is Secretary of State?
  17. Who is Leon Panetta?
  18. What is the Federal Reserve?
  19. Is the tea-party movement:
  20. What is the official name of the operation that killed Bin Laden?
  21. Did Bill Clinton declare a state of emergency after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?
  22. Was Romney the head of the 2006 Winter Olympics?
  23. What is NAFTA?
  24. What is ACTA, a document signed by Obama and others?
  25. Did Obama mention the deficit and debt in his 2012 State of the Union?
  26. Why does Al-Qaeda hate the United States?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about current politics?