Internet Security #1

This is the first of many quizzes planned to test readers' knowledge of IT and web security current events. Each week, we will ask a series of questions related to the week's current events in the world of security.

If you want to test your knowledge of security news and current events, spend a few minutes to take this quiz. At the end, you will see how you compare to other security professionals. And you can invite your friends to take the quiz as well!

Created by: Amcer
  1. Which consumer brands were identified this week as being impersonated in email spam campaigns trying to trick users to click on a URL that serves malware?
  2. Which researcher at Black Hat 2010 in Las Vegas showed the audience how to compromise ATMs to steal cash or copy customers' ATM card data?
  3. According to research from security firm Cyveillance, what percentage of malware attacks are detected by anti-virus vendors on the first day that malware appears in the wild?
  4. This week, a federal judge ordered a Canadian group to halt posing as domain name registrars in a scam that collected bogus renewal fees from consumers and businesses. How much did the group reportedly net from the scheme?
  5. This past week, security researchers published a white paper on a new derivative of the Zeus botnet which immediately infected more than 35,000 computers when it launched in April. The botnet has now collected at least 60 GB of information from some 55,000 computers, half of which are in the U.K. and Germany. What is the name of this new botnet?
  6. One of the masterminds behind the hacking of RBS WorldPay has been extradited to the United States to face federal charges. How much money were the thieves able to steal in this scam?
  7. According to a study about consumer attitudes towards cyber-espionage, what percentage of consumers believe that it is OK for their country to spy on other nations with malware?
  8. Which domain name service experienced a DDOS attack over the weekend that peaked at 50GBps, greater than the most potent DDOS attacks recorded in 2009?
  9. With Microsoft's Patch Tuesday scheduled for Aug 10, 2010, it will set a record with the number of bulletins being released in one Patch Tuesday. How many bulletins are scheduled to be released?
  10. According to security researchers, Conf---er, which first appeared in Nov. 2008, is largely dormant. How many PCs remain infected with Conf---er?

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