The Internet Test!

This Is To See how good you are at the Internet. I wanted to make this because i keep on seeing banners which say you are the 9,999th Visitor click here to get your Prize when it could, Hold on a minute, I am about to give an answer so On to the next paragraph!

So will you take my quiz or will you not. It is a good quiz. most of the questions are easy and not many of them hard so just play the quiz and see what your Internet score is!

Created by: Benjamin of Boys Into Books
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  1. You Are The 9,999 Visitor To View This Page. Click Here For Your Prize!
  2. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! You are the 9,999 Visitor To View This Page. Click Here To Get Your Prize.
  3. Name The Most Popular Search Engine.
  4. What Domain Ending dose GoToQuiz Have
  5. What Internet Browser Dose Windows automatically come with?
  6. How Do You Get The Search Bar Up?
  7. Going Back To Q1 and Q2, Would you Click it if it said Would you Like To Download A Virus?
  8. What Is The Website Page Code?
  9. What Was Said In The First Ever Email?
  10. QWETY. What Letter Is missing?

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