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Me/K: This was a quiz to sort of keep you updated on me and stuff, just to talk and let you guys know some things. Sorry if this quiz is a bit negative, I just had to talk.

Me/K: I hope your having a good day though and please don't feel all sad because of my problems. I just want everyone to be happy. Anyway, stay safe, ENJOY!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: Hey, everyone, I just wanted to have a lil chat.
  2. Me/K: First off, I hope you all are having a great day today.
  3. Me/K: But, I just wanted to say that I have been sad and through a LOT of stress lately and are scared now.
  4. Me/K: It's just that my school work is stressing me and I've just been having many problems lately.
  5. Me/K: Also, I sort of am scared cause I have a *Cough Cough* "yandere"
  6. Me/K: I mean, I guess it ain't that bad, he doesn't kill, but still I'm scared. He's even going against my friends too so I may stop making friends. This has happened to me in 1st grade, but it wasn't as bad.
  7. Me/K: I'm not sure if Imma stay on GTQ, I've been thinking a lot, but this is the only place where I find happiness, I'm just scared if the yandere finds out and tries to do something
  8. Me/K: Either way tho, I hope everyone is happy and are feeling well.
  9. Me/K: If your not feeling well, I recommend listening to K-pop or regular pop like BTS to put you in a happy mood, also, doing things to get your mind off of your troubles, thinking positive, and making others happy, it may help you feel better.
  10. Me/K: Helping others be happy makes me feel better tho, I have this friend, Luca, he's on GTQ, but not a lot, he was sad but he felt better once I drew him some drawings and wrote him a song.
  11. Me/K: I just wanted to keep you updated in case I don't come back to GTQ. Well, that's all for today, sorry if this quiz was a bit negative, but have a good day, BOI!!!

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