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Me/K: This is an Among Us Be Like with a Karen. She EXTRA cheddar cheese, put it on dat pizza, she ain't playin', XD! Make sure to let me know what you think. ENJOY!

Me/K: Make sure to rate and comment on what you think. I may make another one so let me know if you would like that. Make sure to have a good day and ENJOY!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: I hope you enjoy this quiz about Among Us. Remember to comment and rate, ENJOY!
  2. Sus: *On Phone* Hey, Apple, where you at now? Apple: Oh, now, I'm at Hawaii helping my uncle out with work. Sus: Man, I wish you weren't busy and came over, we could have played Among Us. I wish all our friends weren't busy so we could play. Apple: Maybe you can teach your fam how to play. Sus: IDK, you think I should? Apple: Yeah, you should try-OH WAIT, I gotta go help my uncle, see ya. Sus: See ya *Ends call and smiles* Apple, good guy, good guy...
  3. Sussy Dad: *Reading a book called "How To Slap Ya To Life"* Sussiful Mother: *On Phone* Yeah, I need a gift for my child's party...yeah, what's the cheapest bike ya got?...1 buck? Yeah, it's fine if the wheel moves a lot, it just needs time- Lil Sus (Sus' lil bro): *Smiles and talking to Wall* How are you, Bob?
  4. Sus: So, I thought we should have some fun together, a day with the fam. Sussy Dad: Oh, does it somehow bring up your grade? Sus: *BRUH face* Sussy Dad: Cause if it ain't, I got my belt ready, take 2 seconds, then slap, all ya see is black- Sus: No, it's not that. I wanted to play Among Us- Sussiful Mom: The what? Sus: Among Us. Sussiful Mom: Samsung Us? If this is richy stuff, ya know we can't- Sus: No, it's- Sussy Dad: Don't raise your voice *Pulls Belt up* We finna make a Slapping Parody with this belt and your butt. Sus: Where you get the belt- Lil Sus: I met Diego! Everyone: *Stares at him*
  5. *An Hour Later* (The whole fam is sitting on the couch dressed in Among Us Space Costumes) Sus: Ok, so, everyone know how to play so I don't have to explain for the BILLIONTH time? Sussiful Mom: All I know is that this game is free, right? Sus: *Does another BRUH face* Sussiful Mom: This ain't no 7 Rings, we doin' it like the Immigrants in 1880s- Sus: *Rolls Eyes* Can we just play?! Sussy Dad: *Grabs Belt* BOY, ROLL YOUR EYES AGAIN, I DARE YOU! YA KNOW KILL THIS LOVE BY BLACKPINK, FINNA BE KILL THIS BUTT BY THE BELT! Lil Sus: I like Oreos....
  6. *A While Later in a Meeting* Lil Sus: I wanted to call a meeting. Sus: Ok, who you think it is? Lil Sus: Oh-WHAT?! I just wanted to ask if anyone had any oreos... Sus: Ya know what, let's just guess or something. Forget this...
  7. Sus: Ok, who you think it is? Sussy Dad: I think it's Sussiful Mom. Sussiful Mom: How could it be me?! I mean, I'm the one who got ya T-Mobile! Sussy Dad: And you see why Sus be like glitchy dolphin on Zoom. It like a squeak! Sussiful Mom: Well, that's a sign we need to use less internet. Sus: Can we just say who we think it is, this was a mistake. Lil Sus: Let's just restart and do better. I got my oreo.
  8. Sus: How about we take a break. Sussy Dad: Ok, imma head to the bathroom. *Whole family separates* Sussy Dad: AAAH! Family: *Runs to Bathroom* Sussy Dad: *Holding Fake Balloon Knife, acting like it's in his stomach* Sus: DAD! YOU OK?! Sussiful Mom: Who did this?! Lil Sus: OH NO! *Grabs Knife Balloon* He took my balloon! Sus: We need an meeting!
  9. Sus: So, who you think did it, it wasn't me, I PROMISE! Sussiful Mom: Then who is it, whoever confesses gets 2 dollars this year instead of 1! That's a BIG offer! Lil Sus: It wasn't me, I promise! Sus: Hmm...well, I didn't see Lil Sus doing his tasks, he was talking to a wall. Lil Sus: Ya know I'm new to this and that wall was my friend!
  10. Sus: Yeah, I know it was you! Lil Sus, I saw you, you were doing some talk with dat wall, IDK what it was tellin' you! *Everyone Starts Arguing* Sus: You and dat wall were doin' something- Lil Sus: Nah, you doing dis to get me out- Sussiful Mom: Y'all think I'm Ariana Grande with the money you make me pay- Sus: I saw you, Lil Sus, doing the WHOA! You think I'm Chris Brown with dat night singing- Sus: *Makes Mom Vote Lil Sus out and he votes him out too* Good we got him out, mom. (Lil Sus BOI not the Imposter)
  11. Sus: WAIT-he's not- Sussiful Mom: I was the imposter ALL ALONG! Sus: *Gasps* WHAT?! WHAT YOU GOING TO DO TO ME?! Sussiful Mom: Your WORST nightmare. *Next Minute* (Sussiful Mom locked Sus Out) Sussiful Mom: Dat's what he gets for calling me cheap, just cause I give him a dollar a year don't mean I'm cheap....
  12. Me/K: This next part is at the Among Us Store: The ONLY place where they ain't Sus.
  13. Sus: *Walks into Store, looking around* Sus Worker: Oh, hello, is there anything I can get you? Sus: Oh nah, just looking. Sus Worker: Ok, well, if you need anything, let me know. Karen: *Walks in* Hello, Sus Worker, I need some help. Also, here *Gives him Candy* Sus Worker: Thx
  14. Sus Worker: What can I do for you? Karen: Well- Sus Worker: WAIT-ma'am you need to wear a mask. Karen: But I don't wanna wear a mask, y'all can wear one doe, anyway- Sus Worker: I'm sorry, ma'am, but you have to. If not, we can't serve you- Karen: Can't serve me?! *Stares at him and pulls up Diploma* Ya see dis...I graduated at Karen University. Sus Worker: *BRUH face* Karen: I graduated as best Karen, they even some had some Male Kens. Sus Worker: Look, this ain't no Barbie. I'm sorry, but you NEED a mask!
  15. Karen: *Puts up tone* LOOK, I AIN'T WEARING A MASK! Me/K: Oof, girl IBLIS TRIGGERED- Karen: I'M WHAT?! Me/K: Ya get it, your CHEESED, EXTRA cheddar! Karen: Ya know what, WHERE'S YOUR MANAGER?! Sus Worker: I'll get him *Turns around for a second, then turns back* I AM THE MANAGER! Sus: *Gasps* Me/K: WHOA, REVERSE CARD
  16. Karen: *Grabs Phone and Records* Imma show this to the government, the President, and CVS- Me/K: Heck, why you tellin' CVS? Karen: Cause I can! Y'all here are SUS! Sus Worker: How we sus?! Walmart sus with their bags, they say "Sustainable." Everyone: *Stares at Worker* Sus Worker: All they saying that they obtainable to sus! Karen: Doesn't matter, this is what I think of YOUR sus store! *Throws Cash Register at Car* Car: *Beeping* Karen: *Leaves* Me/K:...We should sell Cheese
  17. Me/K: I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to rate and comment, have a good day, stay safe, see ya, BOI!!!

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