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Me/K: I'm leveling up so here is a quiz for it. PLEASE help me out, but I will make more quizzes so just go crazy with it to help me level up, thanks!

Me/K: Have a good day and enjoy the quiz! I'm so tired, I need to go back to sleep but I can't cause of school. Anyway, take the quiz and enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: Hi, everyone, this is my level up quiz cause I'm so close to leveling up!
  2. Me/K: Imma ask you some questions...just to make sure your not an imposter....
  3. Me/K: First off, where would you rather live?
  4. Me/K: Who is better?
  5. Me/K: Do you like to eat tacos?
  6. Me/K: Are cereal like oreos on saturday when you eat some corn with coke?
  7. Me/K: Is coke awesome?
  8. Me/K: Are you a herb?
  9. Me/K: Did you take my sister's brother's oreo's sister's chair's brother's mother?
  10. Me/K: Also, I am almost done making my MAMORU Dragon Story so you can go read that. I'm might turn it into a series, IDK, maybe.
  11. Me/K: Also, if you want, you can give me a dare or truth in the comments. Go crazy with it, I'm lazy and tired but I'll do it.
  12. Me/K: Thx for helping me level up, have a great day and before you go. How are you feeling cause I'm feline good! (Yeah, Chat Noir is AWESOME!)

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