Do We Listen To The Same Music?

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Me/K: In this quiz, we will see if we have the same taste in music. I picked random singers I liked (Except Jojo Siwa) and added them into a quiz so we will see if you like the same ones I do

Me/K: Make sure to rate and comment on what you think. Imma go to bed, because I made this around 11:30. I'm not really tired, I mainly sleep in the day, but I have school so yeah, anyway, ENJOY!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: First off, do you like to listen to BTS?
  2. Me/K: Do you like to Billie Eillish?
  3. Me/K: Do you like to listen to Melanie Martinez?
  4. Me/K: How about Ariana Grande?
  5. Me/K: The Weekend?
  6. Me/K: Michael Jackson?
  7. Me/K: Imagine Dragons?
  9. Me/K: Seventeen?
  10. Me/K: Stray Kids?
  11. Me/K: TXT?
  12. Me/K: Twice?
  13. Me/K: MAMAMOO?
  14. Me/K: Jojo Siwa, XD
  15. Me/K: Sara Bareilles?
  16. Me/K: Loren Allred?
  17. Me/K: Meghan Trainor?
  18. Me/K: Dua Lipa?
  19. Me/K: Adele?
  20. Me/K: Katy Perry?
  21. Me/K: Kelly Clarkson?
  22. Me/K: Shawn Mendes?
  23. Me/K: Lastly AJR?
  24. Me/K: Which is better?
  25. Me/K: That's all for today, comment your favorite singer and BOI!!!

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