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Me/K: I hope you enjoy! Sorry about taking a while with quizzes! It's just cause I've been working on lots of quizzes and I'm not on my laptop. Anyway, ENJOY!

Me/K: Hope you like this! I love Fall Guys and me and my sis have been bored so we decided to make this. She will be in future quizzes too so we can't wait to put them out!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: Heeeeeeeeeellooooooo all you lovely people, its K and yes, this is another quiz, but I'm not in it alone. I got my big sister, Leah! Leah: Hello! Me/K: I got the smartest fox ever, Tails. Tails: Hi guys! Me/K: The cool hedgehog, Sonic. Sonic: Hey everyone! Me/K: And the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow! Shadow: Hi. Me/K: So today, we're gonna play Fall Guys and just chat and have fun. Well, hopefully Shadow will have fun and him and Sonic won't fight. Sonic: Don't worry, Shadow and I will be on our best behavior. Right, Shadow? Shadow: I guess so. Leah: Wow, your the little kids now, I thought you guys were like 15 or so. Tails: With them, you never know XD Me/K: Yeah, so let me pull up the loading screen and we can start.
  2. (On Loading Screen) Me/K: Who do you guys think will get the farthest to the end? Leah: I'm not really sure. Tails: Yeah, it isn't said in stone of who is better at playing this. Shadow: Well, I already know I will win but you guys can talk. Me/K: Oh, wow, Mr. Confidence over here is getting a bit too cocky, how long have you been around Sonic? Sonic: I'm not that cocky! Me/K: Ok, sure. Let's just say that. Your doing it that way, it's like me saying I hate tacos. Sonic: Are you saying I'm lying? Me/K: No, I'm just-ya know what, just ask Tails. Tails: I'm not in this! Leah: Tails doesn't want part in this. Me/K: Yes, Tails is too good for this lol. Tails: *Laughs* Yeah, if you say so.
  3. Me/K: Ok, the first obstacle is "Big Fans." If you quiztakers wanna see the course, then you can look it up and see how hard it is. Leah: I wouldn't say it's that hard. Me/K: That's what they all say. Tails: No, I just hope I can make this. Me/K: The confident brothers can do this through, am I right? Sonic: Well, imma do well. Me/K: If you say so.
  4. (The race begins) Me/K: Ok, let's go! Tails: Man, everyone is just going at it! Sonic: It's like Disneyland when they run! Leah: Literally though. Tails: NO! I'VE FALLEN AND CAN NOT GET UP! Me/K: *Laughs* You ok, Tails? Tails: Yeah, I just forgot my button. I forgot to do the jumping thing but it's fine. Me/K: You can do it, Tails! Tails: People in this game are mean! Leah: I know, all they do is try to push you off, they don't care about winning. Me/K: And I'm here like "I WILL WIN" lol. Sonic: That's me too though. (1 minute later) Me/K: I'm at the checkpoint. Tails: I am too I made it. Sonic: Same. Leah: Yeah, I am too. Me/K: Shadow, I have a question. Why you so quiet right now? You trying to concentrate or something? Shadow: Yes actually. I'm at the next checkpoint too. Leah: Your doing well, Shadow. Your awesome! Keep up the great work! Shadow: Thanks I guess, your not that bad I suppose. Your doing well too. Sonic: UGH, THIS DUCK DRESSED FREAK IS GRABBING ME! Me/K: I'll yeet 'em then!
  5. Tails: *Laughs* So, your physically gonna grab him then throw him off the edge like "BYE!" Me/K: *Laughs too* Yes, if it comes to that. Leah: People have already started qualifying. Sonic: Well, I'm near the end. I'm almost there. Me/K: Watch there be some people grabbing others at the end XD. Shadow: There always is. Sonic: I can do it. Imma make it. I can do its-NO! I FELL! Now, I'm back at the checkpoint. Me/K: SHOOT! I fell too. Leah: I already started falling so forget me lol. Me/K: Oop- Tails: What is it? Me/K: I accidentally threw someone off, I pressed the wrong button XD. Tails: Omg, that poor soul lol. Wait, I'm so close. I'm so close! YES! I MADE IT! FINALLY! WHENEVER I PLAY THIS, I USUALLY LOSE BUT I DID IT! Me/K: Great job, Tails! I'm so close to getting there. YES! YES! YES! BRUH! Leah: Did you make it?! Me/K: No, it's just that there's these people at the end who keep grabbing people! WHAT THE HECK?! Leah: Don't worry, Kaylah! I'm behind you! *Grabs the person and makes them fall* There. Me/K: Thanks XD. YAY! I QUALIFIED! Leah: I DID TOO! Shadow: Ok, I'm almost there. Sonic: NO! I KEEP GETTING CLOSE, THEN LOSING! Tails: Well, your close. You can do it, Sonic!
  6. Sonic: Ok, I'm close, I'm getting there and-*falls in game and gets back to checkpoint* *screeching noises* NO! NO! NO! NO! THIS GAME, IT'S JUST- Me/K: Sonic, you ok, buddy? You need a hug? Tails: He does, but I know your not gonna give it to him. Me/K: True. Tails: I stand corrected lol. Me/K: Yeah, but I'll give Sonic one this time. What about you Shadow? Shadow: Touch me and your dead. Me/K: Oh, wow, Shadow. I thought we had something. Your like my big bro and this is what I get. Shadow: So, I'm your brother? How is that even possible? I thought you were human or are you a hedgehog? Tails: I thought you said you were a fox. Me/K: Idk what I am. I'm half fox, half hedgehog, and half human. Leah: Wow, I should have known but I didn't XD. Me/K: I know like WHO ARE YOU?! YOUR THE IMPOSTER! YOUR NOT MY SISTER XD! Sonic: The imposter among us. Tails: I thought we were playing Fall Guys. Me/K: The game's popularity got yeeted by Among Us lol.
  7. Shadow: I qualified. Leah: Good job, Shadow! Shadow: Thanks, now, let's watch Sonic lose. Sonic: No! I can do this! I'm so close! Ok, one more jump and I did it. *is running to finish line in game* YES! YES! YES! GO ME! YES! GO ME! AND...I QUALIFIED! Me/K: YAY! YOU DID IT! Sonic: THAT TOOK ME SO MANY FALLS! Tails: Well, I fell in the beginning and couldn't get up so I feel you, Sonic. I feel your pain. Leah: Ok, we got through this so now we need to keep going, keep winning! Me/K: Yes, we can do this. Shadow: Well, one of us will lose the next round and it'll be Sonic most likely. Sonic: NO! I'll do better this time. I promise. Tails: Well, let's see. Leah: I feel like Tails is winning due to his IQ. Me/K: Well, at least his is high, mine is most likely under 10 XD. Tails: No, your pretty smart if you ask me. Me/K: Thanks Tails. I am at least smart when it comes to video games lol
  8. Me/K: The next race is Roll Out. Tails: NOOO! That one is challenging. We won't make it! Leah: You gotta believe! I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it's true, XD! Me/K: Oh yeah, from The Lego Movie! Lego Batman was my favorite, he was funny. Sonic: Yeah, he was pretty funny. (The Game begins) Me/K: Oop, Oop, Oop, don't fall! DON'T FALL! IMMA SLIP OFF! NO! Leah: You haven't fell yet, also, why you keep saying "Oop" like "Sksksksk Anna Oop," are you vsco? Me/K: No, but I do have a shell necklace and I do like turtles. Sonic: Why do you have a shell necklace? Me/K: Cause my grandparents went to Hawaii and they bought me and Leah back a shell necklace and a bracelet with our names on them. Leah: Yeah, they did. Me/K: I have a lot of Hawaii themed stuff and Paris. Also, I remember at a costume party, I dressed up as Moana. Tails: That must have looked good, your our little moana. Me/K: If you say so XD
  9. Me/K: Tails, I have a question to ask you. Tails: Yeah? Me/K: Do you ship Sonamy personally? Tails: Uh-well-I-uh- Sonic: Where did this come up?! Me/K: When I brought it up. Sonic: I don't like this. Shadow: It's better than Sonadow. Be grateful. Me/K: Yeah, so do you Tails? Tails: I mean, I would like my friends to settle down but in maybe ten years later or so. Me/K: Oh ok. Leah: Is that yes or no? Tails: I'm not explaining. I refuse XD! Sonic: Future holds what it holds, but not just no! Me/K: Alright, well, everyone, there's some Sonamy for you shipping fans. Tails: Do you ship it? Me/K: No, I just find it funny lol. Tails: It is sort of funny, I'll admit. Leah: Yeah. Sonic: I'm against this.
  10. Leah: Well, you and Amy can go on a date, Sonic! Sonic: What?! No! Me/K: Yes, I can play some music and wear a spider man mask, XD. Sonic: What?! That's double "no!" Me/K: I did do that for my friend to hook him up with his girlfriend before though. Idk, I may share that story it's sort of funny, lol. Leah: I remember that. K is a wing girl *laughs* Me/K: *laughs* Yes, and I can be a wing girl again for you too, Sonic. Sonic: Fine, since we're all shipping and calling it funny, how about we do Kaylah X Tails and Leah X Shadow! *Silence* Me/ all honesty, I'm fine with that. Sonic: WHAT?! Me/K: What did you expect me to do?! Just go off like Bakugou and call you a rat? Sonic: Ya know what-I should have expected this. Me/K: I'm too good for this, I AM THE QUEEN! Leah: What?! Me/K: I'm jk XD. Sonic: Tails, Shadow, you two are quiet. What's going on over there? Tails: I thought this was about you. Sonic: Your here too ya know. Your literally K's helper so this is mainly you. Tails: Well, I-uh, what should I say lol? Sonic: Really? Tails: Well, idk. You can ship freely! Sonic: What about you Shadow? Shadow: I don't care at this point, just stop.
  11. Sonic: What about Shadamy? Tails: Oh yes~XD. Shadow: I would rather be shipped with K's sister. She seems cool. Leah: Thanks, Shadow. Your cool too. Tails: You guys can dance together in the moonlight, I will sing for you guys. Me/K: I would actually love that, XD. Tails: *Sings* Dancing in the moonlight~ Leah: NO! How about we sing that for you guys? Shadow: Just ship others, not me. Sonic: Fine, then we'll do Kaylah X Tails. Leah: We can call it Kails or Taylah. Me/K: Oml, why, Leah? Why XD? Tails: K, if this gets too weird, you and I can run to my lab and hide lol. Me/K: Yes, I'll just say "RETREAT!" and we'll run *laughs* Tails: *laughs* Yes. Me/K: Now, we need a ship name for Leah and Shadow- Leah and Shadow: NOPE! Shadow: Do it and I'll kill you. Me/K: Oh wow, guess Shadow got murder on his mind. Ok, I guess music does apply lol. Shadow: Well, don't do it and you should be fine. Me/K: Fine...I'm too young to die anyway, I have too much to live for. Tails: Like what? Me/K:..Idk
  12. (While playing game) Sonic: NO! NO! NO! Me/K: Don't tell me your falling? Sonic: NO!...I'm I fell. Me/K: Wow, thanks for correcting me XD. Shadow: I fell too. Me/K: NO! You guys will be remembered... *Silence* Shadow: We're not dead... Me/K: Oh-WAIT, I qualified. Leah, Tails, you two didn't fall, right? I can't lose another soul! Sonic: We're not dead- Leah: Yeah, I didn't fall, I'm still in. Tails: Same. I'm surprised I got this far. Me/K: Same with me, I thought I would die. Leah: Yeah, it would be like R.I.P us lol.
  13. Me/K: Ok, the next one is called "Hoarders." Leah: We may lose, at least one of us. Me/K: Yeah, but we can do this. Let's just try. Tails: Yeah, let's do this. Me/K: So, I'm on the blue team. Tails: I'm yellow. Leah: I'm red. Shadow: Red is the best color and black. Sonic: Yeah, if your emo. Me/K: *laughs* Omg XD. Shadow: No, that's not true. Sonic: Oh, then it's probably just an emo color for you. Me/K: Ok, it started. What are each of you doing? Leah: I'm grabbing my soccer ball cause someone is trying to take it. Tails: I'm taking someone else's soccer ball. Me/K: TAILS! YOUR A THIEF! Tails: Well, I'm just playing the game. Me/K: Wait, which team are you taking it from. Tails: Leah's. Leah: BRUH! Why are you and K always going against everyone XD? Me/K: Well- Sonic: K, I dare you to steal a soccer ball from Tails. Me/K:...I- Sonic: You have too, it's a dare. Tails: Fine, K. I'll let you try, but I'm gonna get you back! Me/K: No, I don't like that, Imma get hurt. Sonic: Well, you have too! Me/K: WHY?! lol
  14. Me/K: I'm so sorry, Tails. I'm taking the Soccer ball. I'm sorry, your amazing, I just have too. Tails: Wow, your stomping on our whole friendship like that, XD. Leah: What happened to Kails lol? Me/K: Omg, shut up xD! Sonic: Haha! Me/K: This was your plan all along, huh, Sonic? Sonic: Not really, it just came to mind. Shadow: I told you he was no good, K, and you made your username of him and Tails. You should have named it after me. Sonic: No, it's good as it is. Me/K: Yeah, I like it as it is-WHAT! NO! NO! Leah: What is it?! Me/K: Someone is grabbing me while I grab the soccer-is it Tails? Tails, are you doing this? was your day- Me/K: Yup, it's him, XD.
  15. Me/K: I have a question. Who thinks they have the most unique voice be rank? Leah: Idk, who do you think? Me/K: Maybe Tails cause his is one that's hard to do. Tails: Yeah, that's probably accurate. Leah: Yeah, but Kaylah's voice is unique too, you may not know, but she can make a lot of weird voices and noises. Me/K: Yeah, that's true. Sonic: Can you do any voice impressions then? Me/K: I can mainly do them from kid shows, I can do Rainbow Dash from MLP, Fluttershy from MLP, Maud from MLP, and Blaze and some of Tails from Sonic. Shadow: Wow, your voice is different. Me/K: Ikr? Tails: How did you find out you could do MLP characters? Me/K: When my cousin forced me to try XD. She's young and watches that and knew about my weird voice. Leah: I remember that, our little cousin was like "TRY IT! DO THE VOICES! DO THEM NOW!" XD. Me/K: Exactly. Shadow: Well, I can do Sonic. Here is my impression: I am Sonic the hedgehog, someone who thinks their better than everyone else for saving the city once and I take my time to sit my lazy butt down and eat Chili Dogs. Tails: *Laughs* Wow, that was just...idk. Sonic: I can do Shadow: Hi, I'm Shadow, I'm emo, yell "MARIAAA!" and is a buzz kill!
  16. Leah: My team is losing. Welp, it was fun while it lasted. Me/K: It's fine, Leah, your better than me due to the fact that your not competitive like me XD. Tails: Sonic is competitive too. Sonic: NO! Tails: You literally kept me and my friends awake to win a bowling game. Me/K: Tbh, that would be me too lol. Sonic: Someone gets me. Leah: The match ended, my team was eliminated. Me/K: It's me against Tails now. Shadow: Yeah, and the next course is "Jump Showdown." Me/K: Yeah, imma fall for sure. Leah: You can do it, just when the floor shakes, jump to another so you won't fall. Me/K: You act like it's easy. Tails: You just need to be Mario. Me/k: Yes, zee Mario jumps!
  17. (Game Starts) Me/K: Ok, I'm standing, I'm standing-OH MAN, NO! The floor is shaking, the floor is shaking, the sky is falling! NO! Leah: Why you panicking so much?! All you do is jump to the other floor before it falls! Me/K: *Jumps over to the other side* Oh...yeah, right. Tails: I'm just jumping like Mario! Just don't fall! Shadow: Ya know, this would be easy if you could just teleport. Sonic: Yeah, but life ain't that easy, is it?! Me/K: Yeah, this game is only easy if you make it easy. Tails: Well, what's the easiest game you've played? Me/K: If your talking about a story game then I'd say Mario, I'm good at Sonic games and Kingdom Hearts, but there was this one game where all you do is drive and was your car. It was a kid's game. Sonic: Why were you playing that? Me/K: Idk, I played it when I was 8. If any of you guys wanna check it out for no reason, it's called "Sago Mini Road Trip."
  18. Sonic: Kaylah's going against Sonic Team Racing with this "Road Trip" game! Me/K: NO! Tails: What about all those times where you picked my character, did that mean nothing to you XD?! Leah: Ooh, things are getting heated lol! Me/K: *laughs* No, Sonic Team Racing will always be my number one, even in that game Shadow and Sonic acted like babies. Sonic and Shadow: NO! HE WAYS! Me/K: I stand corrected. Shadow: No, I was just letting Sonic know he's second place. Sonic: Yeah, yeah, tell that to SEGA which gave me alk these games and watch my movie. You can't say anything. Shadow: Yeah, whatever. Sonic: *thinking 'Haha, I won!'* Anyway, there are only 2 platforms left. Me/K: Imma die, imma die, imma die. Tails: It's fine, we must live!
  19. Leah: I got a thought, what if there was a video with the music from Sonic-X and it had Sonic running through Disney Movies. Me/K: Yeah, that would be cool. Imagine him just run through the track from Cars and all you see are the cars flying XD. Tails: Your making flying cars a thing now lol. Leah: He just zooms through Up, hits the balloons and all you see is an explosion lol. Me/K: Yeah, and in The Lion King, Rafiki holds Simba, then Sonic comes in and runs over to them. All you see is an explosion and Simba flying. Tails: I believe I can fly~xD Me/K: Dang, this is fun lol. Sonic: I got to admit, that's sort of funny *laughs* Shadow: Maybe I can be in the SEGA games more if he left for Disney- Sonic: NO! DON'T GET IDEAS, SHADOW! Shadow:...Fine....maybe. Sonic: What-
  20. Tails: NO! NO! IMMA DIE! THIS DUCK KEEPS GRABBING ME! NO! NOOOOOOO! And I fell. Sonic You did good, Tails. Tails: It's fine, Kaylah will have a chance to win. Me/K: *Drops controller* NO! I WILL NOT WIN! *Stands on table* Leah: What the-where the heck did the table come from- Me/K: I wanted to win, I thought it felt good but...I did bad. I took Tails' soccer ball, I shouldn't win. Tails: But don't you wanna win? Me/K: Yeah...but I'm not happy with what I did today. *Hugs Tails* I'm sorry. Tails: *Smiles* Uh-It's fine. Shadow: You crazy people, it's just a game- Billy: Aww, this is a touching moment. In the end, you don't have a game, you don't have an oreo, the greatest treasure you have is friendship. *Silence* Me/K: I didn't want it to be that cheesy but ok. Leah: Where did Billy come from? Tails: You should try to win, K! You can do it! Me/K: No, not really. Tails: What do you mean? Me/K: I already fell XD
  21. Me/K: Ok, the conclusion is that no one won, XD. Tails: Well, thanks for being kind and amazing, K, I know you hate losing, that's why it means a lot to me. Me/K: *Getting teary eyed* No problem, Tails. Leah: Are you crying lol? Me/K: *Blinks back the tears* NO...something got in my eye xD. Tails: *Hugs me* There, there. Shadow: I don't get why I stand you people. Sonic: And I don't get why you never leave. Shadow: Same to you. Me/K: Anyway, everyone, have a great day, this was fun, and you may see my sister in my future quizzes cause we're bored XD, anyway, that's all for today, stay safe, and- Everyone: BOI!!!

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