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Me/K: Anyone seen Miraculous? Welp, even if not, you can still take this quiz for fun. WARNING: THIS QUIZ HAS SOME SPOILERS, I RECOMMEND WATCHING THE SHOW FIRST

Me/K: I hope you like this. Let me know if you want more "BE LIKE" quizzes, I love making them and have more ideas for them, I'm working on all these quizzes at once and need to give my laptop back, but still, I am going to try to make quizzes. Hope you ENJOY!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: I hope you enjoy! Also, if you don't wanna get spoiled, I recommend watching the episodes first but anyway, ENJOY!!!
  2. Dice: Wow, that whole Sonic thing really was a lot to handle, I'm pretty bored and wish their was a good show to watch with action, adventure, and romantic drama. Me/K: (Pops up on Screen Ad) Did I hear you wanted an action, adventure, and romantic drama? Dice: WHAT THE?! I didn't even turn on the TV- Me/K: Welp, than I got a show for you! MIRACULOUS Ladybub and Chat Nerd! Dice: What- Me/K: Just shut up and let me explain
  3. Me/K: Miraculous is a french show about Ladybub and Chat Nerd as they save the city of Paris from the evil Hawk Moth who suddenly changed his name to Shadow Moth in the recent episode when he merged his and the Peacock Miraculous. WHAAAA :0, Ik, you can actually do that. Hawk-OR Shadow Moth can use Butterflies to turn people into Crazy Villains so yeah, you got yourself all these villains with powers. Some got guns and say "Pew Pew" just for fun. One of them even is a Pigeon (Wt-), but he can only do this when people are mad so he sits in his little room, looking, stalking, having coffee from Natalie, waiting for someone to get upset for no reason. Maybe even for dropping their Ice Cream, you never know.
  4. Me/K: Ladybub is in interesting creature from the wild. She has the power to be lucky cause she is clumsy irl, and says things that make Adrien be all like "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST SAY-" but then irl, Adrien says in his cutest smile (HE'S HIDING SOMETHING) "It's ok, Marinette." Anyway, Chat Nerd has the power to KILL anything he touches and make tons of puns on cats, even in one episode, he acted like a cat and hissed. This man can hiss and purr, people might find it weird but I was in the fandom with a scary smiley face laughing "HAHA! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! HE TOOK PART OF ZEE CAT! YEEEE-" Anyway, moving along.
  5. Me/K: Ladybub is really a normal girl named Marinette who is good at tripping, fangirling over Adrien and not being able to learn how to say words, and makes clothes. Chat Nerd irl is Adrien, a model who legit has to jump or do something for every shoot, not living a normal life, but living a money life. And he's skilled at taking pictures, like, when he takes pictures, he looks good and when I do it, I be lookin' like a hog, XD. But Adrien has money to make it rain, so, who knows, he may be related to Daisuke Kambe and Haru can slap money out of our minds, we don't know the full story yet.
  6. Me/K: Ofc, as every love show goes, ALL THE FRICKIN GIRLS FALL IN LOVE WITH THE SAME FRICKIN GUY! THE HECK! Lie-la (Aka RIP OFF Fox), Chloe (Queen Bee than did something stupid to not be a hero-) Kagami (Well-not really anymore cause of the episode-), Marinette (Ladybub) and the rest of the fandom likes him. Then, he has this crazy fanboy and I remember when they met, Adrien did this awkward wave thing, trying to say bye, and then this fan don't get the hint-ID-IDK really, BUT ANYWAY. As the drama isn't big enough, Chat Nerd is in love with Ladybub, Ladybub likes Adrien, and WHOA THERE BUDDY! Hold the phone. (Tails: *Puts down the phone*) In these new episodes, Marinette says she doesn't like Adrien and goes for Luka and I'm like "Frick, what is happening here?" And as we know, the problems and stuff are going to leave us gasping, I'm usually not the type to be all into this, but HECK, I'M ABOUT TO LOSE MY COOL IN TEN SECONDS SO IF YOU WANT TO, LEAVE THE QUIZ NOW BEFORE I LOSE IT- Tails: K...are you good? Me/K: *Smiles* YEP Tails: Um...ok, tell me if you need anything *Leaves* Me/K: My friends say I'm overthinking this cause it's a show...nah, I don't believe it, when Sonic got…
  7. Me/K: THIS IS SOMETHING I DON'T FRICKIN GET! How does Adrien and Marinette don't know who each of them are?! In the episode "Bubbler" they know each other is a teen cause all the parents left due to the villain, their voices are the SAME, and they don't change their hair-well, Adrien's hair does change a lil-BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! I didn't get how Alya didn't know though since she was trying to find out her identity and Marinette was her best friend. HECK, WHO ELSE IN THE SHOW IS A TEEN WITH BLUE HAIR AND EYES! I MEAN, KAGAMI HAS BLUE HAIR BUT BROWN EYES AND SHE WASN'T EVEN IN THE SHOW AT THE TIME! WHAT THE HEEEEECK- Ok, *Cough Cough* Sorry, let's get back to the story. Dice: *Sitting scared on the couch*
  8. Me/K: Marinette and Adrien have help from their magical RIP OFF Pokemon friends called a Kwami meaning "Kaylah Wants A Macaron I" (The "I" is silent, XD). The Kwami was fully/first mentioned in episode 22, did I miss something or-
  9. Me/K: The first episode is "Bubbler," yep, no introduction, just heroes and a whole lotta villain. This is how things went out behind the scenes with our own clip. Thomas: Hey, guys, let's move the whole origin story from the beginning to the end. Worker: Ok, what do we put in the middle? Thomas:...Oops- Me/K: But as I, a young soul, will tell you the TRUTH about the origin story!
  10. (Origin Episode) Marinette: *Walking* Today is a good day *Sees a picture of Adrien and falls down well* SOMEONE! *Zooms in and everything turns red with Marinette's high pitch voice* HEEEEEEEEEELP- Tikki (Kwami): *Bites Marinette's hand* SHUT UP! Marinette: WHOA! NOW I HAVE SPIDER MAN POWERS AND GOOD LUCK! Tikki: *Smacks her* The heck, why you yelling? Marinette: Well- Tikki: STOP TRIGGERING ME! SPOTS ON! Marinette: Spots On *Turns into Ladybub* WHOA! This is cool! Tikki: I swear, she won't shut up- Villain: *Flies by* Ladybub: *Somehow gets out well to fight* Me/K: You get the origin right? :>
  11. Me/K: Here is Chat Nerd's origin: (Origin Episode) Adrien: *Sitting still* I'm bored. *Turns on TV for News* News Reporter: A lady gets stuck in a plant! Adrien: WHOA! Is that even possible? Plag (Kwami): Hewo! Adrien: Hewo and *Zooms in* SPOTS ON- Plag: No, that-that's not- Adrien: Oh-well, LET IT GO- Plag: Nope, that's not it. Adrien: Oop-well, MAYO- Plag: Ya know what, just say "Plag, Claws Out." Adrien: PLAG, SILVER OUT! Plag: *Facepalms* We're gonna be here for a while* (Once Adrien is Chat Nerd) Chat Nerd: *Gets YEETED by villain* This is fun
  12. Me/K: If you want a show with humor and is meme worthy, you should pick this show. To make a meme, all you need to do is pause the show, screenshot it, and their, you got a meme. Here is one thing you should NEVER do: NEVER PAUSE MIRACULOUS! Trust me, I have made a mistake to do that. Even with Sonic Mania Adventures: NEVER PAUSE IT! I did it for that too and let's just say my whole life changed, I saw the truth-JUST DON'T DO IT! I SWEAR IF YOU DO IT-
  13. Me/K: This show does have some lies though. This is an example: (Before Alya knew who Marinette was) Alya: *Gasps* Are you ladybub?! Marinette:...NO (Fandom: *Singing* Why you always lyin'~) Me/K: Ya see, sometimes the characters must be Lie-la.
  14. Me/K: Also, Chloe got YEETED of being Queen Bee by her sis, Zoe The names remind me of the characters from Dork Diaries cause that's Nikki's friend's name just Zoe is spelled different and they aren't related. Also, I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid better, I always liked those books, I have the whole series actually, but ANYWAY-sorry, sometimes I get too much in reading. Zoe took over and is now the new hero. Also, the names are SO CREATIVE! NO ONE would have guessed that Chloe's sis would be named Zoe, am I right?
  15. Me/K: Their is something I need to talk about. YEP, the man who you can NEVER forget, Mr. Banana. (Everyone: *Is Silent*) Yep, we're going to talk about the man who is in a banana costume and says "Stay Peachy." This is a lesson that you don't need to work hard or give your character personality whatsoever in your stories and they still look cool. All you need is them in a fruit costume with some clever line that's catchy. I don't get why he says "Stay Peachy" though, he's not a peach, I never understood but it's not like you can understand characters these days like some Sponge Ik that lives in a Pineapple under the Sea. Also, their has been some times with Adrien in the costume so that's probably the best thing to get the banana noticed.
  16. Me/K: I must also address this...has ANYONE played Subway Surfers? (I like Sonic Forces Mobile Game better cause it has more tracks and fighting but I play this too-) Has anyone noticed that Fresh from Subway Surfers looks JUST LIKE MAX FROM MIRACULOUS?! Like WHAAAAA :0, I'm shooketh!
  17. Me/K: So, if you like Meme worthy, Pokemony, Subway Surfersy, dramatic, romance shows. In this show, you barely know who is who. It's like if you wore a mask (that barely covers your face) and your friend didn't know who you were. It's interesting to see that no one even know who their friends are but hey, that's real life...? Idk, so, enjoy the show. Here is the theme song:
  18. Me/K: The Theme Song: Marinette: In the day time, I'm Marinette, just a normal girl at Starbucks, but there's something about me no one knows yet cause I got a secret. Miraculous, simply the best, at school taking a test, while things go wrong. (Villain: *Makes town explode* Adrien: Oop-) Miraculous, I got my Pokemon, and when we go, we meet a kid named Shawn. Chat Nerd: I am a Cat, just chilling out, but when I see my Dorito's, that's all I think about. I feel so strong when their around, they give me energy when I am down. Oh Oh Oh, oh, you will never know, oh oh oh. My love for them will only grow, oh oh oh. And when I eat them, Ladybub slaps me I become *Finishing eating Dorito's* We'll come back to this song- Ladybub: Miraculous, simply the best, we have another test on Saturday for some reason, we are hero's, Shadow Moth takin' "L's" to teenagers so we win! Miraculous! Me/K: Did you like the theme?
  19. Me/K: I hope you all enjoy it, it had a good theme song, right? XD Anyway, that's all for today, see you guys later, BOI!!!

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