Are U more like ME or ACCALIA? (With Accalia 123) :D

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Me/K: In this quiz, you will see if your more like me or my friend, Accalia. We both made this quiz together so DON'T give me all the credit!!!!!!!!!!

Me/K: My sister is in this too, she asked one of the questions and when I asked her to, she was sort of confused so IDK. But enjoy the quiz, make sure to rate and comment!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: Hello all and welcome. In this quiz, we will see if your more like me or my friend, Cal, but it won't only be me, I got Cal here too! Accalia: Hello, I'm glad to be here!
  2. Me/K: Since Cal is the guest, she will ask the 1st question. Accalia: Favorite color? (DON'T KILL ME!)
  3. Me/K: Which one would you rather do?
  4. Accalia: Your recording a video, what would you do?
  5. Me/K: Which one is better?
  6. Accalia: Your described as... Me/K: I'm described as a grape. Accalia: What? XD Me/K: It's a thing that I am, except it! XD
  7. Me/K: What is your fear?
  8. Accalia: What would you do in a bad situation? Me/K: Slap the person next to you! Accalia: WHAT?! We don't do that... Me/K: In my world, you slap....or get slapped XD
  9. Me/K: You would rather/or do play....
  10. Accalia: Pick a singer. Me/K: Dude-Itude, XD. Accalia: Bro, OMG, XD
  11. Me/K: Which game is better?
  12. Accalia: Who's your favorite YouTuber? Me/K: Cookie Swirl C, Nah, Nah, I'm playing, that channel sort of scares me with those dolls and stuff, da heck! Accalia: Well, why did you watch the video if you didn't like it? Me/K: I had to see what it was. Now, your making me question my life. Accalia: Ain't that a good things? Me/K: NO, is My Little Pony riding a bike a good thing? NO! Is Peppa eating bacon in Peppa Pig a good thing? NO! Accalia: OMG, XD
  13. Me/K: Which Sonic character out of these is your favorite?
  14. Accalia: *Grabs card K gave her* What the heck?! This card asks which kid show is better... Me/K: THEN READ THE STICKIN' CARD, XD! Accalia: I thought it was a mistake! Me/K: I was a mistake, now read it! Accalia: *Laughs* Fine, which kid show is better?
  15. Me/K: There is an apocalypse, what do you do? Accalia: What the heck? Me/K: This is my quiz, I get to ask questions no matter how stupid they are, XD!
  16. Accalia: Who are you more like out of these Miraculous characters?
  17. Me/K: Which soda is better? Accalia: Everyone mainly likes Sprite. Me/K: I just go for the healthy route of Diet Coke. It's me and Sonic's favorite drink, but most people are Sprite fans.
  18. Accalia: Who is your favorite My Hero Academia character? Me/K: I like Bakugo, IDK, it's like mew-sic when he yells. Accalia: I also see you like Chat Noir... Me/K: Yeah, but Tamaki is also adorable
  19. Me/K: Which anime is better? In my opinion, Dora. Jk, Jk. But I do like ghetto Dora. Accalia: You with your ghetto funny Doras...
  20. Accalia: Which one would you have as a pet? Me/K: A chair. Accalia: I'm just gonna shut up, XD....
  21. Me/K: Which NEW movie are you waiting for?
  22. Me/K: Cal, now, this is a gift from me to you *Gives you a subway hat* You work at subways now. Accalia: Where is the rest of the outfit? Me/K: IDK, I was just too cheap to pay for the rest. ANYWAYS-
  23. Me/K: Ok, now, Cal, since I serve people tacos, you serve them a sandwich. It's sort of a thing so you can do most of the work, XD! Accalia: Wow, I'm honored, XD. What can I get you, (Y/N)?
  24. Accalia: Now, K, what do you want? Me/K: The usual. Accalia: Um...what? Me/K: The USUAL. Accalia: Like one with meat, cheese, life, like what...? Me/K: WHAT?! I NEVER SAID "MEAT" or "CHEESE", like, this ain't Cream and Cheese from Sonic, puttin' him on the menu, like, what you gonna tell Cream?!
  25. Accalia: No, I mean, do you like want pork? Me/K: OK, NOW WE TRYIN' TO EAT PEPPA! Like, shouldn't it be Suzy. She was playin' with Peppa too much. Acting like she rich, going to Gucci store. ALL I WANT IS THE STINKIN' USUAL! Accalia: K, YOU GAVE ME THIS JOB TODAY! HOW IN THE WORLD DO I KNOW WHAT USUAL THING YOU GET?! YOU EAT YOUR TACOS, NOTHING ELSE OTHER THAN A BURGER!
  26. Me/K: BRUH, YA KNOW WHAT?! *Throws cash register out window* IDC if I'm like that guy who didn't get his 5th chicken nugget, this is literally EASY! It's on the stinkin' MENU! Accalia: *Looks at menu* Oh is... *Gives K usual* Actin' like a Karen. Karen: *Comes up to us* I am part of the Karen academy. Me/K: Da heck?! Why you here!? Karen: IDK... Me/K: Ok *YEETS myself out window*
  27. Me/K: I'm just gonna make myself a taco men, I can't do this....Cal, I'm bored, just dare me to do something. Accalia: I dare you to let your sister ask the next question. Me/K: Ok
  28. K's Sister: IDK, my sister wanted me to ask a question so um, she has NO IDEA what I'm gonna ask so she'll see when she gets back. But anyway, who would you rather date? Cal or my sister K?
  29. Me/K: *Comes back to computer* BRO!!! CAL, come see what my sister put! Accalia: *Sees it* Da heck?! Bruh! My Sister: You CAN'T delete it, I'm watching you! Me/K: Imma slap her after this!
  30. Me/K: Welp, that's all for today. Cal, this was fun and I'm happy my sister helped...even though I don't approve of her question... Accalia: Yeah, it was fun, I can't wait for our next quiz together. Me/K and Accalia: That's all for today, BOI!!!

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