Hello, meet me, Accalia!

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Me: Hello, I am a new user named Accalia. I am half wolf and human, this is a quiz for me to say hello and to get to know you. I am not alone, I am also with Hugo, my assistant.

Hugo: I am happy to meet you all and hope we can all be friends. Me: Yes, and I don't have much else to say, just putting a lot on these paragraphs XD.

Created by: Accalia 123
  1. Me: Hello, I am Accalia and I'm happy to meet you!
  2. Me: I'm half wolf and half human. I also have the power of Element.
  3. Me: I am also a Princess of a Kingdom called Zozana Empire.
  4. Me: My friends are Sonic Tails Lf (GTQ user) and my assistant, Hugo. Wanna meet him?
  5. Me: This is Hugo! Hugo: *Reading Sherlock Holmes* Me: Sorry, if he into reading, he is an amazing fighter, his power is to turn things from books into reality, and can turn into a Lion.
  6. Hugo: Oh, hello, nice to meet you, (Y/N). As you know, my name is Hugo. I hope we can be friends. *Shakes your Hand*
  7. Me: *Makes water and turns it into a Pearl* You can have this.
  8. Me: So, let me know some things about you, favorite color
  9. Hugo: Which one would you rather do?
  10. Me: Meeting you was fun, I can't wait to see you in future quizzes. Me and Hugo: Au Revoir!

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