Which BLACKPINK member are you?

Hello! I've made quizes before but i haven't made one in a while so i wanted to make one to day, since i love kpop i want to make a quiz about which member of BLACKPINK you are since there one of my favourite kpop group!

I hope you enjoy this quiz and get your bias or discover a new one! Just remember that this doesn't "determine" your personality i'm just describing them how the member are in real life but yea i hope you enjoy!

Created by: Kpop-Lover!

  1. What's your favourite color
  2. What's your spirit animal?
  3. What's your ideal afternoon
  4. Which one are you most good at?
  5. What's your favourite genre of music
  6. How to you dress?
  7. What do you look for in a friend?
  8. If you could change your race what would you change if to? (btw i'm not trying to make this offensive)
  9. Lastly how do you like my quiz? (this doesn't affect your answers
  10. Jk! This is the last answer, whats the closest to your birthday

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Quiz topic: Which BLACKPINK member am I?