Do you have the ability

Take this test to see if you have the gift Shout out to girl almighty , cup quake , dogs buddy , Cody , ca Cupid , Kelly betha , and any one who helped or was nice to me on the forum you names not here because I forgot the rest of it

I just realised i forgot the ma glee so shout out to you as well I also just realised I spend more time on the descriptions than making the quiz so yeah take this quiz

Created by: Puppet master12

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  1. If you were lost in a forest what would you do
  2. If you heard someone scream and seen a man attacking a girl what would you do
  3. What fighting style appeals more to you
  4. In the forest you hear a noise and you see
  5. If you seen a mermaid at the beach what would you do
  6. A spider is in your room what do you do
  7. A mythical creature is discovered and you are asked to help capture it what do you do
  8. You are attacked what do you do
  9. Have you ever faced any mythical dream
  10. If the one who gave you these abilites took them away what would you do

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Quiz topic: Do I have the ability