my love life part 6

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i know that a lot of people have not been commenting. please, if you want this series to continue, i need you help me please. it would be so helpful.

thank you for taking my series and my apologies for taking so long. i gave up on the quiz because i ran out of ideas. so... shout out to xxblutixx for being the ONLY person to comment on all of my series.

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. left off started to slowly back up and felt you bumped into something hard and cold. the girl revealed vampire fangs and you felt breathing on what you were up against. you didn't dare to look but the cold and stone-hard figure spoke,"hello Julia." you gasped at the voice of...
  2. Andrew of course!! you wake up screaming your lungs out(speaking theoretically) and you are sweating like crazy. you dared not to open your eyes but you felt yourself sitting up on the bed shaking. you heard footsteps shuffling into the room and even though you knew that you were safe with the guys, you still did not open your heard someone's footsteps get closer to you and then a hand touch your back. as soon as that one cold, ice cold hand touched you, you shot open your eyes as you gasped. you heard a small sss ahh!!! like someone got burned as you jumped out of bed tripped whoever was closest to you and stormed out of the room. you stopped running when you were in the bathroom. you locked the door and sat in the bathtub. you tried to realize what just happened when you saw you were really hot and sweating. "hmm... might as well take a shower." you mumbled to yourself.
  3. after you took a shower, you put on your bathrobe and towel slippers then quietly sneaked out of the bathroom and into your room. now that you are finally in peace and quiet, you admired your room. the walls were painted like you were in a forest with sun streaking in through the trees. the ceiling was even painted like the beautiful night sky shining with stars. the ground was painted like you wer walking on grass and it felt that way too. then you had fire patterns for your blankets and pillows. you had posters of your favorite bands,celebrities and any thing else you like on a certain sky blue wall. you barely found out that you had a fire-proof water bed. so you had fun with that. you looked for your walk-in closet and found that it was full of clothes to your liking.
  4. you quickly changed and did your hair however you like it. you started to smell your favorite breakfast being served downstairs. you ran downstairs excited of what you'll be eating when you hesitate to open the kitchen door. you just burned someone and stormed out of the room. you slowly open the door and enter quietly.
  5. you quickly changed and did your hair however you like it. you started to smell your favorite breakfast being served downstairs. you ran downstairs excited of what you'll be eating when you hesitate to open the kitchen door. you just burned someone and stormed out of the room. you slowly open the door and enter quietly.
  6. you looked around to see Aaron at the stove, Alex,Bryan,and Tony at the table and an empty seat by Alex and Aaron's seat which has a plate in his area. "good morning Jules. take a seat. i cooked your favorite breakfast." Aaron said as you sat by Alex and Aaron brought your plate to you. "thanks" you say shyly. Aaron serves you your favorite juice/milk and sits by you. the guys were already eating and you decided to ask a question,"who did i burn?"
  7. Alex raised his hand replying,"thanks a lot. just because i'm a vampire doesn't mean i get hurt." you frown and stutter, i'm sooo sorry. i...i..." you didn't know if he would accept your apology if you told him you had a nightmare. so continuing,"i had... i was... i, never mind." you sighed. Aaron growled. you knew he read your mind so you just thought to be quiet and finish your breakfast. Bryan and Tony were eating quietly when they got curious and bryan saked,"you what?" and tony said,"Aaron...what did she do?"
  8. Aaron growled. you heard his voice in your head,"did you feel anything while you were sleeping?" you thought about it for a minute and you felt the cold,hard chest and some cold,stone hands holding your arms to him. you said that out loud"only his chest and his hands around my arms holding me to him". the rest of the guys give you a confused and disturbed look. you frowned and finished up your food.
  9. you got your dishes and put them in the sink. you said,"when your done, put your dishes in the sink and i'll wash them when we get back from school."
  10. "what are you talking about?" Alex asked annoyed. you replied,"i'm talking about me washing the dishes after school." he rolled his eyes,"no i'm talking about the hands around your arms ya idiot!!" he shouted at you. there was a moment of silence and bryan decided to fill it with an announcement. he has to leave for a mission. he is going to call in his cousin to fill in his spot for protecting you. he kissed you on the forehead and left the room.
  11. you frowned and picked up Aaron's plate. he looked too full to get it himself. in your mind you heard him say, "thank you beautiful." and he smiled. you fake smiled at him then went upstairs to get your backpack.
  12. you found it by the bed. you got it and when you were opening your door, you found a shadow pass behind you. you turned around but nothing was there. you assumed it was just your imagination and you descended down the staircase.
  13. you heard Aaron talking so you were waiting behind the door spying on them through the cracks. "Alex enough of your hurtful scenes. on our way to school apologize to her. shes already been attacked through her dreams so at least one of us has to be with her at all times." he finished his speech and you decided to walk in. you reached for the doorknob when you felt cold breathing on your neck.
  14. you were going to scream when you felt a cold hand over your mouth. you thought you'd make some noise but then you felt the metal steel against your neck.
  15. "try anything, and You AND bryan get it. got it?"said andrew. you nod quietly. "good". he whispered. He dragged you through the living room, down the hall and to the Front door.
  16. i'm sorry but this is the cliffhanger. i hope you enjoyed this episode of "my love life". please select one of the following options then click submit to see your result.(not counting)

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