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  • Fire 72%

    You are most like The guardian of fire : Carter Gin and kai sai ( split personality) your hot headed and implosive , irrational , you may have A,D,H,D but your determine, passionate, strong both physically and mentally , smart and cunning your favourite Animals are the Wolf, Fox, Andean mountain cat , Owl and the nightingale the FAVOURITE colour is Grey , crimson and colours of nature specifically autumn your season is Autumn

  • (I got air!) Hello every body.

    If you like stuff to deal with things like the elements and magic, I've got the quiz for you!

    My quiz is called, "What element are you?" I have to admit that I'm sort of a medieval-greek so in my intro you meet this who's like a wizard. His name is Maddios and he is the Elemenalist. The Elemenalist is a lot like the Avatars from the show "Avatar: the last air bender". Just a little different. The Elemenalist study and masters all FIVE elements, which are Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit.

    In this quiz, sadly, you don't become the Elemenalist. Maddios, the current Elemenalist, gives you a test to take, which helps you see and find out what element you end up having, or "being". For example, I got 87% Spirit, there for, I am supposed to become a Spirit Adept.

    Like I said, if you like stuff to deal with things like the elements and magic, you should consider trying out my quiz.

    -- hadesman1012

  • Water 46%

    You are most like the guardians of water Miami Garcia and James hart your calm and serene at times but wild and untameable at others like the changing tide you are a born leader you struggle with controlling the groups Carter and the groups Layla your favourite colours are the shades of blue and stormy grey but not alone only with the blue your favourite animals are the lions and the sharks your season is summer

    26% Air
    16% Eath
    6% Fire

    Des cribes me very well. Interesting and good quiz!

  • Great quiz puppet, I got fire

    Eli Ashton
  • I got water!

  • Gotta 52% on Fire, Water, AND Earth xP
    Air was 32%

  • Thanksxxxx

    Puppet master12

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